Friday, September 4, 2015


Hooray for half days!! This week's writing style has been a sort of brain dump. There's a lot of going on so I'm just going to stick with the theme and share some things that have been going on.

+ I took a trip to Staten Island in August to hang out with a friend and see her new house. It resulted in my first ever ride on the Staten Island ferry, a peek at Lady Liberty, who admittedly I haven't gone to see in several years, and watching two of the best-dumb movies I have ever seen. 

+ The Literary Ladies Summer Challenge ends in 2 short weeks and I'm happy to say that I completed my list.  August was a little rough because I just didn't want to read but I struggled through.

+ If there's one perk about working in Manhattan it's working within walking distance {less than 10min} of Central Park. I either walk around the park on my lunch break, or I find a spot to settle down and people watch/nap.

+ I have no idea what happened to August, but I'm really excited that September is finally here. The first 2 weeks are jam packed for me and I've been excited about this for a long time.

+ A couple weeks ago K and I took a drive up to the Warwick Winery. I'm so in love with this place. $5 tastings, delicious wines, yummy snacks, a huge apple orchard, a gorgeous day... what's not to love?

+ I redesigned my credit card. I always have a beach theme but since Capital One allows you to choose your own image, I opted for a beach scene I actually took... in Jamaica. After the card arrived I froze it. Like, in the freezer. After I let it out of the tundra of solitary confinement I used it... more than I should have. Winter is coming and it's time to hibernate.

+ Last Thursday K and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary in the best possible way - we stayed home, grilled London broil, and drank a bottle of wine. #GreatSuccess

+ Some of you may have seen my meltdown on IG over the weekend. While doing my closet catalogue I came across a few items that had been less than loved by their new closet homes. I just about cried when I saw these boots. Instead rage won. I'm happy to report that I wiped them down and dropped them off at a cobbler yesterday. #prayforthem

+ On Tuesday I took myself to Lindt to get some treats and then I found myself in St. Patrick's Cathedral to just take a moment. I'm by no means religious but it was really nice to just sit in quiet and be alone with my thoughts.

+ Starting today, I'm taking a blog break. I actually planned this out back in August after looking at the calendar. I'm going on "babycation" starting this afternoon and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to take some time off and be MIA from the blog for the next week... except for the book link-up. 

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