September 14, 2015

Making the Grade

A few weeks ago I spent some time reorganizing, reformatting, and fixing old blog posts. After making some changes I decided to give up because let's be real, no one is reading the archives from 2011-2013. It did, however, require me to pull out some old photos to re-add to a post. That got me looking at the other pictures in that book and well... here we are.
It's been a long time since I've had a 'first day of school' {ok, last fall was my last first day} but in honor of the school tradition I thought I'd share some school memories with you.


How freaking cute was I?!  I know, I know... totes adorbs! We still have that dress around somewhere. 


The cuteness still reigns. Also, I miss that sweater. It was one of my favorites.


The funny thing about this picture is that I remember this dress. Or, more likely, I've seen this picture so many times over the years that I think I remember this dress. My bet is on the latter.


This I actually do remember. I wanted to "dress up" for my pictures that year and wear some jewelry. This meant stick-on earrings and plastic beads obviously. My only regret, wearing the bracelet on that arm. Ugh!


How cool are those fake suspenders!?


Hello fourth grade, I have arrived! I thought I was something that year. I rocked my Mickey earrings {real ones!} and my favorite sweater. Obviously that whole sweater and leggings trend has been in my closet for decades.


FOR SHAME!!!  It's funny that I don't even find this picture embarrassing anymore. It's more like, Yup, that was the year I tried to shave off my eyebrow...

This next group of photos just goes to show you how awkward we truly are in middle school. 


This photo is one of the worst photos in my schooling history. It ranks #4 on my please let's burn it list. This was the start of my awkward stage.

Seventh & Eighth: The Lost years
I have no idea what happened to the school photos from those years. They were probably never ordered. But since I'm a memento junkie I was able to pull out my yearbooks from those years to give you these gems.

Thanks for misspelling my name!
7th grade was awkward but 8th?  Jesus. What a bad freaking day for photos that was. Also, that's the #1 worst picture.


That sweater vest though! That was my favorite article of clothing that year. Also, can someone please get me some tweezers already?!

Holy fucking awkward. I give you all permission to mercilessly make fun of this photo. This one ranks #2 on the above-mentioned list. I was clearly deep within my "goth stage" if we can even call it that.

If there was ever a ritual I participated in, it was my necklaces. I wore 13 at a time from a ball chain choker {so badass} to a pendant with who knows what on it. Not pictured? My arms with half as many bracelets. Real cool.

I can honestly say this is the only high school era photo of myself I actually like. The stars must have aligned that day or something because to this day, I still like this picture. I think what made this picture the best is that I truly didn't care. I put on clothes and went to school that day.

The only other picture I have from that time is this one from my Junior Prom. I can fortunately look back at this picture without cringing about much more than the fact that I'm wearing stockings with open-toed shoes. WTF man.

Again with the yearbook photos. Also, can I just tell you how much I absolutely HATE my senior photo? I remember having them done late and decided to wear this tight red shirt that I loved. Of course my hair had to be down. It resulted in pure awkwardness. I hate this picture. Why couldn't I have just worn the gown and pearls thing like everyone else?!

And there it is. My school career without The College Years. You'll be happy to know that brow maintenance is now a priority in my life.

What's your favorite, or most dreaded, picture from your school days look like?

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