Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Only Oreo I Love

While getting in some blog reading a few weeks ago, I read Rose's post about her beloved Chitty Woo. I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing and squealing over her post. So much that it inspired me to create my own.

Way back in 2007 I was tasked with finding homes for 3 wide-eyed kittens. Two were long hair, adorable little balls of fur. And one was a short hair. I'm notorious for naming things and I knew if I named the cats I would end up keeping them. Not okay since I already had three. I was able to find homes for Boy Poof and Girl Poof. The short hair was the only one left. Why didn't anyone pick him?

Probably because he was unknowingly mine from the second I saw him. I almost immediately started referring to him as Oreo {remember that thing about naming?} and of course it stuck. I had always wanted a black cat, and although he's a tuxedo, he's the most beautiful black cat I could have asked for.

I'm certain he believes he's people, which is fine by me. We play games and have breakfast together. Sometimes he helps with the laundry. When it came time to move, he helped pack.

Oreo's Favorite Things  
paper, bags, boxes, socks, being outside... or in the shower, "helping", being brushed

Stuff He's Not Into
soy milk
not being fed at 5:30am {which he finds to be an appropriate time}
being ignored

Fetch Happened!
My favorite memory with him was the freak occurrence when we were able to play fetch. At the time I was living in a 2-story condo with then boyfriend. It's pretty much common knowledge that all cats love paper. One day I crumpled up a piece and threw it over the wall onto the landing below. He immediately chased after it... and brought it back! I did it again, and he brought it back a second time. Apparently he's not into it because that was the end of fetch.

This now big ball of fur is pretty much the yin to my yang. I don't think it's fair to say he's my favorite, but he certainly is the most lovable. And that's all I need from him.

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