October 30, 2015


Halloween is tomorrow! Last week I shared the details on how I made K's Charlie Brown costume. Seriously, easiest costume to both make and wear! Today I thought I'd continue the DIY love and show you how to turn yourself into a pumpkin!

Way back in the best decade ever {the 90s FYI} I always had the best Halloween costumes. Most of them were DIY or store bought but improvised upon. As you saw in last week's Charlie Brown post  I was The Great Pumpkin. Fortunately for me, this was not my first time dressed this way. Today I'm going to show you how to make your pumpkin dreams a reality in three/four easy steps.

Step 1: The "outfit"
Because your costume is the focal point of this costume you'll want to wear all black clothing. I suggest keeping is simple and donning black tights or leggings, a black long sleeved shirt or turtleneck and black boots. 

Step 2: 
The "costume"
Head to your local hardware store {Lowe's, Home Depot, True Value, etc.} and pick up a pumpkin adorned leaf bag.


After checking Party City, Target, Lowe's and one Home Depot I finally found one in a Home Depot a few towns over. I feel like these used to be pretty common place and I saw them around the neighborhood often. Nowadays, I hardly ever see them, which is sad. 

Once you have your bag you're going to lance the bottom in two spots. These will serve as your leg holes. You don't want to make them too big, but just big enough that your legs will go through and the bag will stretch some. So, cut small. It should be snug but not blood constricting. 

Next you're going to lance two more holes on the sides of the bag. These will serve as your arm holes. As with the legs, don't make these too big. The plastic will give so less is more. 

Step 3: The "filling"
This is the easy part. You can fill your pumpkin with whatever you prefer, but obviously it needs to be something very light weight - packing peanuts, newspaper, etc. As when I was a kid, we used newspaper. Crumple your paper into a ball. You'll want to use as many paper balls as possible so that you can properly fill out your pumpkin. Keep in mind, however, that your body will also take up space and you will need to be in the bag before adding the paper. 

Step 4: The "stem"
To finish of your costume you'll need a stem. If you want to go all in, by all means, paint your face green. That's not really my style so I kept it simple and added a green towel to serve as a stem and tucked it into the collar of my costume. 

And there you have it! Turning yourself into a pumpkin, no fairy godmother required.

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