October 13, 2015

Booked Vol. 3

Hooray for book day!!! From last check-in I kind of slacked off. That last summer vacation just did everything and more, which means I did no reading. I did manage to get through a few books though. Mostly filler stuff, but it's win-win because I was able to clean up my Kindle library and finally read some of the stuff I downloaded a few years {oops} ago.

The Scale:     A {love}     B {enjoyed it}   C {ehh}    D {let down}      DNF

The Secret / Rhonda Byrne  B
Is it against the rules if I reveal The Secret? If you're into spirituality, happiness, and living the best life you can create this book is for you. My only gripes were that I felt that the passages Byrne actually wrote were just a summary of the parts of the book where she quoted other authors, which to me was just repetitive.

Christmas at Pebble Creek / Vannetta Chapman B
This was an Amish novella I downloaded forever ago. I had no idea it was an Amish book until I started reading it though. It was a very short 24 pages, but it was a nice read to wind down the day at work.

Home to Pebble Creek / Vannetta Chapman B
Again, a free novella downloaded ages ago. This one was a little better than the Christmas one as the ending left you wanting to know more.... which of course you'll find out if you buy the next book. 

Cowboy Crush / A.L. Loire C
Again, free. Again, novella. This one was a nice 50 pages though and although some wouldn't classify this as a "book", I am, because it's published word. So stick that in your bookcase. This was a short little romance story that was actually "part one" of a story, so that was disappointing. 

Sweetheart in High Heels / Gemma Halliday  C
I really like this series and this was an in-between novels story. It had all the elements of the regular books, which was good. And it was a fun little story, but overall it was just ehh, hence the rating.

Doctor Sleep / Stephen King A
I fell in love with Mr. King this summer. His books always piqued my interest but their size was always a deterrent. He's probably my favorite "new" author. This book delivered just as I expected it would. If you're a fan of his stuff you've either read it or it's on your list.

Appalachian Serenade / Sarah Loudin Thomas B
I downloaded this on my Kindle who knows how long ago. The story was set in "older times". I say that because I can't place it but my guess is the early 1900s. It doesn't necessarily read like an old book so I found it enjoyable as a gap read.

In the Mood / Ellen Fisher B
Another fluff book, but this one was really fun. It's about a male author who writes romance novels but is the biggest prude in real life. One of his fans offers to provide him with some lessons on how to update his writing. It was short and fun and I read it in an hour or so.

Mad About the Hatter / Dakota Chase A
I got this book from NetGalley. The first thing that drew me in was the cover art. It's so bright and colorful that I was the moth to its light. This book is so different than anything you've probably ever read about Alice in Wonderland. For starters, Alice has a brother, named Henry. And this is his story about his adventures in Wonderland with Hatter. There some twists I wasn't expecting, some I questioned at first but accepted nonetheless. It's a decent read. I give it an A because there are some really creative names, places, and dialogue in the book.

The Desire Map / Danielle LaPorte  B
This is a book all about really connecting with yourself to create "goals with soul". Danielle's theory is that when we set goals and aspire to reach them, we're actually chasing the feeling that goal will provide. Her book aims to get you in touch with the feelings behind your desired goals so that they can be met. This isn't just organizing, reading X books, or baking a sweet treat. These are the goals the fuel your passions, speak to your true self, and shift your life. These are the goals that feed you. 

Every day I get an e-mail from IFTTT with a quote. Today's was spot on. It's from Joseph Brodsky and it said: "Man is what he reads". I think it's an interesting quote.

What about you, what did you read? And do you think the quote holds weight?

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