Monday, October 5, 2015

How I Organized my Closet with Stylebook

Getting dressed every morning is one of my biggest headaches. Part of it is because I'm a total procrastinator {because who really wants to go to work?} and the other part is because I have no idea what to wear or how to style what I own. For the last half of 2015 I've been making a conscious effort to revamp my closet. I've always been a t-shirt and jeans/shorts kind of girl. However, at 30 I think my closet should have its shit together.


At the very end of August I spent 6ish painstaking hours over the course of 2 days taking pictures of every single hat, belt, shoe, bag, scarf, necklace, and piece of clothing I own. I'm a firm believer that the hardest part of organization is getting the system in place. After that, you just have to stick with it.

I took the time to be honest with myself: Do I feel good in this shirt? Does it make me happy? Is this the look I want to present?  If the answer was no then it was pulled.
Take Inventory
If you've ever worked in retail then you're familiar with doing inventory. You'll be spending a lot of time snapping pictures of everything - all your shoes, bags, hats, belts, jewelry, clothing. It all needs to be catalogued. After all, that's the entire point. You're taking inventory of your closet.

For me this made me aware of everything I presently own - which in case you're wondering is 111 tops; 48 bottoms (this includes shorts, jeans, and skirts); 33 pairs of shoes; 31 dresses; 20 bags; 58 accessories (24 scarves as well as belts, hats, and jewelry); and 13 jackets. Basically, I have plenty of clothes and just need to get creative with how I style them AND need to be aware of what I'm buying when I get something new.

One of the things I really like about the app is that you can add notes. If you're like me and you find something that fits great, you tend to buy in a few different colors. Stylebook allows you to add notes and tags to any of your items. You can list the color, brand, size, fabric, how much it cost, etc. This is great because those black trousers from Loft probably look exactly the same as those black trousers from Gap. Hint: they do... 

The Calendar 
There's a calendar function in this app that allows you to add your #ootd to each day in the calendar. The beauty in this is that you'll know just how often, or little, you wear that shirt that you keep saving from your seasonal purges. This is where my entire battle strategy lies.

For example, here's a quick look at September's calendar.


If you add the price to your items you'll be able to see the cost per wear. Even though it retails at $145, my Longchamp bag basically costs less than $5/month since I use it just about every day. #Win

I know I'm guilty of saving some items that should have ended up in the purge pile several times. Stylebook is going to help me keep track of my outfits for the next 6 months and see what I truly do/don't wear. It's sort of like a capsule wardrobe but not really. Any time I buy something new, I add it to my inventory. If I get rid of something, I remove it. Easy.

Do you have some sort of closet organization in place? Have you used Stylebook before?

 *I wasn't compensated for this, I just really love the app.*

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