Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Some Thoughts on a Wednesday

You guys, fall is hitting me hard. I was so excited for it to be here and then it comes and basically knocks me on my ass. What the hell is that about?! I woke up an hour late the other day and when I come home the couch and sweats pull me in and refuse to let me go.
struggle =real

K actually showed me this a few weeks ago and I laughed hysterically all three times I watched it. You're welcome.

Sadly, this is pretty true. I know Mom's number just because I do. And oddly enough I know an ex's number from back when I was 16 since it was pre-cell phone days.

Oh cat, I feel your truth. And there is no kinda about it. I want the tacos. All of them.

This dog... oh to be this dog.

My goal is to be as happy as this dog.>G<

Seriously. Just give me all the carbs and no one will get hurt.

The first person I hear complain about "how cold" it is this winter after they complained about "how hot" it was this summer is going to get it. Take your small talk commiseration elsewhere!

Over the summer I discovered that my spirit animal was the bear. At first I was disappointed. Why couldn't I be an owl? But it's started to make since. I'm a big hibernator come winter. And if you think about waking me up while I'm sleeping you better do it from afar. Now though...  you're damn right I'm a bear.

And now I'm going back to my blanket cave because as you can see

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