October 14, 2015

Things I Can't Deal With Lately

Everyday someone annoys me. Upon first reading that it sounds like such a negative statement, and I suppose it is. It's also a true one. A while back I was reading Rachel's post about things she can't deal with and I knew I needed to save the idea for a "rainy day".


CHOs {Cheeks Hanging Out}
WTF is up with this "trend"?!  I can't even begin to tell you how many ass cheeks I saw this summer. And some of them are on girls who are clearly not old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes. Do you not feel the draft? Does swamp ass affect you that badly? For the love of God, put on some longer fcuking shorts!

I used to really like Pinterest as much as the next basic chick. I mean, endless fashion options, designs possibilities, and the food... I could stuff my face for years! Lately, I just can't deal with the site at all {more so than usual} and pretty much have stopped using it. All these 'pinned for you' posts annoy me and the stuff people have been pinning lately.... 

The Bike Lane 
If you've ever been in New York City then you're aware {or should be} that there's a bike lane on most streets. You're also probably aware that the sidewalks are always insanely crowded and it's a pain in the ass if you're trying to hustle yourself to/from work. That being the case, I walk in the street. It's much less crowded and I'm able to get where I need to be. Where I walk is right next to the bike lane. 

I think my picture is pretty straight forward, but if not, let's be clear about one thing: the green lane is the bike lane. If it's not green, it's not the bike lane. See those stripes? That's where I walk. You know what that is? THE EFFING STREET! That section is there ONLY as a buffer between the bike lane and the cars that park on the street. It's literally a buffer zone. And if I have one more arrogant biker tell me to get out of the bike lane I'm going to stick an umbrella in their spokes. 

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