Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Word Vomit

So today I'm showing up with no plan whatsoever. I wouldn't exactly call these confessions, but it's Wednesday so you know the drill. I have no idea what words are going to spew from my fingers but I feel the need to just get it all out, so here we go.

+ Last week I was forced back to the stone ages of no internet. I'm not sure what happened but I was without my beloved Fios for 4 days. When the tech came Friday night he had a Vin Diesel-esque appearance. K who? But then he went and broke my heart because he admitted to being a Cowboys fan.

+ I went to the doctor on Saturday to get the results of my annual blood work. These are my words but basically, other than needing to lose some weight, I'm perfect. All my HDL/LDL/glucose/BP levels were excellent.  

+ I haven't been to the gym since some rogue day in August. Honestly, I'm not sorry about it. It takes too much out of me to go consistently. Call them excuses, whatever. I'm not into it right now. What I am into, and what's been calling my name a lot lately, is my yoga mat. I brushed it aside in favor of lifting but I've been craving it lately. I'm actually looking into joining a studio for the accountability. I'll let you know how that goes. 

+ Did I mention I came back to iOS land? At the beginning of October I left Android {RIP} and did the walk of shame back to Apple. That's not to say Apple is better. It's because Verizon > Sprint. 

+ Discover raised my credit card limit. I'm both happy and annoyed about this. More so happy. Look at me be all fiscally responsible. I guess that $200 payment I made a few weeks ago looked good. Mental note: do it again. 

+ I'm hoarding tv shows again. I've been DVRing AHS: Hotel; Scandal; and OUAT since the seasons started. The only thing I've kept up with is OUAT. Why do I even bother watching tv???

+ This is going to sound crazy, but seriously it annoyed me to no end. The other night I grabbed a pen. It looked like this.

Now, based on appearances, one would say the color of this pen is blue, right? Yeah. That was my expectation as well. And then - BAM - black ink is appearing on my paper. It was like I was using some magical color-changing ink. Obviously I was highly disappointed.

Every time I drive home and see the sign that says "Scotrun", my brain reads it as "scrotum". 

+ I don't understand why some women are so disgusting. When I see you walk out of the stall, hear the water run for 5 seconds and then see you grabbing paper towels you can bet your ass I'm judging you.

+ I started watching Game of Thrones. I can't wait for the queen to die.

+ #winteriscoming No, for real... it's coming and I have entered hibernation/procrastination mode like never before. I should probably get myself a cookie or something.

And on that note... I'm going back to Game of Thrones. Tell me anything about the seasons and I'll be mad at you for three days!

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