Friday, November 27, 2015


Tomorrow marks just over three decades for me. Thirty-one. You won't find me wallowing that I'm getting older. Just the opposite in fact. In 31 years I've seen, done, experienced, and felt a lot of things. Here are 12 things I know for sure. 

1) Early nights are my friend

2) Comfort reigns supreme - I don't care if the 5" heels are super hot. I'm not trying to pick anyone up and I damn sure don't want to deal with sore feet.

3) Less is more - 6 friends that you are super close with is infinitely better than 20 friends you're so-so with.

4) Making choices is still difficult

5) As you get older you'll realize you're mother is the best friend you never knew you had.

6) Although I have improved 10-fold, financial stability is a never-ending battle

7) That gut instinct you have?  LISTEN!! It will never steer you wrong.

8) Age is just a number.

9) Everything is open to interpretation

10) It's never as bad as you think

11) Sometimes the friends you make at work will turn into best friends.

12) Always be your quirky, weird, crazy, outrageous, questioning, intimidating, romantic, nervous, anxious, excited, over-active self. 

I know there are many more things I've learned in my time, but these are the ones that have impacted me the most.

What is the best lesson you've learned?

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