Monday, November 2, 2015

All the Weekend Shenanigans

You guys, this is the start of my second favorite season. For one, it's birthday month so it's time to paar-tay. Ha. Just kidding. The only parties I enjoy these days are pants parties. As in coming home from work and removing the pants. 

Anywho... this was a fun, lazy, productive weekend and I'm mildly recapping it because I can.

Friday night I binge watched Game of Thrones because ohmigodthisshowisAMAZING!!! 

On Saturday I was ubder productive which was nice. I went to check on the Pleco since Stu died and found that he too had left this watery world. I then proceeded to ShopVac the water out of the fish tank. Let me just tell you two things: 6 gallons fills up really quick; and thank God there's a floor drain under my desk.

That evening K and I headed into the city and went to a dance performance that a friend of his was in call Zullo Raw Movement. 

I never seem to understand modern dance, but I certainly can appreciate it. After the performance we walked back up 14th Street taking in all the costumes of the night. The favorite for the night? The aliens from Sesame Street. 

Do you guys remember these things? Yup yup... yup yup yup!

After we got back into NJ we headed to the diner {because that's how all great evenings end}. 

Sunday I spent the day in PJs {win} and organized my desk and worked on my budget for the month. I'm getting better at this adulting thing one step at a time. 

How was your weekend?

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