Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Confessions 2.0

You guys, it is officially Wednesday. And that means it's confession time. But these aren't just your everyday confessions. These are the ones with the O.G. of confessions. Kathy is bringin' back the linkup!

More Coffee Less Talky

+ Monday night the breaker that both the oven, kitchen light, and fridge are on is acting up. Basically I'm reliving Hurricane Sandy all over again. However, some times it's a blessing when you suck at adulting. There's absolutely nothing in my fridge but wine, water, and condiments. #win

+ I had a minor meltdown Sunday afternoon. I was puttering away on my laptop and realized that I only had 25% battery left, even though it was plugged in. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get it to charge I had to resign myself to ordering a new battery. It's supposed to arrive Thursday. My tracking info says Friday. 

+ I've watched 4.6 seasons of Game of Thrones in a little more than 2 weeks. This I know for sure. 1) Jon Snow needs to find his way to my castle; 2) I want a Direwolf; 3) Why isn't Cersei dead yet?

+ Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away. Typically I have my Christmas game plan all laid out. This year I couldn't care less. Haven't thought about decor, baking, or Black Friday shopping. #overit

+ I'm debating taking out a loan to pay off my CCs and some other lingering things. I'm on the fence though because big financial decisions always make me nervous. 

+ I spent all of Sunday morning looking at apartments because I have cohabitation issues. #KevinMcAllisterWasRight 

+ Oreo is my BFF and I have zero shame about it. 

+ I almost spent $41 on candles the other day because you got a free 3-wick with any purchase and it was free shipping over $40.

+ Some of the desks I cover while at work are so disgusting. They're either filthy or cluttered enough to rival hoarders. It makes me crazy. The desk I sat at on Friday had this little gem. 

What are you confessing to?

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