November 25, 2015

Rant it Out... But Find the Good

Oh Wednesday how I love thee. The weekly post where we all confess our secrets and sins. It's pure bliss. These aren't so much confessions as they are rants. 

+ My laptop isn't working. First it would die soon after being unplugged. Then it stopped charging. I ordered a replacement battery, no dice. I thought maybe it was the AC charger so I ordered one. That worked for all of 5 minutes. So now my precious connection to the interwebz is a glorified paperweight.

+ I was out for a walk on last Saturday and saw some religious statue. On first glance it looked like Jesus was holding a pack of smokes... Then I realized it was a Bible. #hellbound

+ Sweet baby unicorns why is this a thing!? I just can't wrap my mind around how, or why. Let's be honest - it's disgusting.

+ There's this woman I sometimes see in the bus line to go home. She will come up to the line from the other side and will stand next to someone making polite small talk with them. All the while edging herself into the line cutting in front of at least 30 other people. And the part that really gets me no one says ANYTHING to her!!! Not one word. I'm telling you, the second she tries to pull that with me she's not going to like the result. #backoftheline

+ Last week I was sitting at work and had a mild conniption. A strand of hair got in my ear in such a way that it felt like something was crawling. I about punctured my ear drum trying to stop "it".

Last Wednesday K and I had tacos for dinner. I kept saying dumb things while we were eating and long after. I've dubbed the occurrence Taco Brain and I believe it is a real thing. You know, when you're so overwhelmed by the love of consuming tacos that your brain literally shuts off because it can only handle so much awesome at a time? Yeah... that's what happened. #TacoBrain

And on that note, here are some things I'm thankful for:

+ having a job that lets me have a comfortable lifestyle
+ new blogging friends
+ getting in tune with myself
+ K, family, and friends
+ new blogging opportunities
+ upcoming events
+ health
+ marriage equality
+ wine & cheese

This list is by no means everything I'm thankful for but they're the ones I'm most grateful for.

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