November 24, 2015

The One With the "Major Award"

Over the summer I went to the AC Seafood Festival. There was lots of food, live bands, raffles, and lots of rain. We enjoyed the first hour or so that we were there but once it started pouring we headed to Tropicana for dryness and dinner.

When we first walked into the festival there was a long table with paper and pencil to enter some type of raffle/giveaway. I figured I'd enter just for the sake of it. Imagine my surprise when I got a call three months later telling me I was a winner.

So what did I win? Four round-trip tickets, a free 3 day/2 night stay, two tickets to a show of my choosing at Resorts Casino, and a few other things. Immediately I was thinking SCAM! But there was a little voice saying but you did enter a raffle... I spent some time on the phone with the woman getting as much information as I could. Of course I was taking notes the entire time. I needed to go to AC to claim my prize within a week.

Part of me kept thinking something was up but as I try to err on the side of positivity I was rolling with it. K and I made the trip down to AC Saturday afternoon.

As soon as we got to the hotel that was sponsoring the giveaway we were instructed to go to the 7th floor welcoming center to check in. We went up, signed in, grabbed our complimentary snacks and waited for our tour and prize claiming.

Imagine the disappointment when we realized we were walking into none other then... 

a timeshare presentation.

Still trying to be positive I suggested we sit through it and go from there. Basically because they were going to get an earful from me about false representation, lying, and the like. 

We sat through the presentation, listened to what was said, toured the units, and then got down to brass tax. For only $23,400 we could own our vacation spots for the next 30+ years. With only $3,250 down we could walk away with a Deed as owners of a timeshare. Only $3,250? Where do I sign?!

This was obviously not an option, and we said as much, of course they tried to get us a bargain by lowering the price, changing the package, and even allowing us to "try before we buy" for only $1,499. The thing is, as much as I love to travel and vacation should be my middle name, we have friends with a timeshare and they completely regret buying it. We even talked to a couple on the way to the parking garage - they flat out told us not to buy! 

As for the tickets, there are strings attached to them. I have to stay at select hotels for a minimum of X days (most are 7-10) and these aren't the Day's Inn. I'll probably end up using one of them just for the sake of travel, even though it will probably cost me more than if I had booked on my own. We'll see.

On the plus side, I did get a $100 gift card to, which I actually use. So I'll at least get to eat for free.

Moral of the story:

Pay attention to what you're signing up for and never buy a time share. 

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