Monday, December 21, 2015

Fall Bucket List: Revisited

At the end of September I compiled a list of things I wanted to do during fall. Instead of giving myself a month I gave my self the entire season. Since winter is officially here, it's the end of fall and time to check in on how I did. 

Apple Picking: I didn't actually get to do this because Demarest Farms was a zoo on the day I went. I did however pick my own apples from their bins, which I'm counting because they were hand picked by an employee straight from the farm. 

Hayride: While I was in the middle of crossing of this item with Jenn, Alyssa, and Dani it dawned on me that I have been on a hayride before. Still, it's a perfect fall outing and I'm glad I did it again.

Homemade candles: This was the only thing that I really didn't have an opportunity to do. All of the supplies can get kind of costly so I kept putting it off. I still want to do it but it's going to have to wait. 

Apple pie from scratch: This farm to table experience was a raging success! I made the crust by hand, used my semi-hand picked apples, and reveled in the deliciousness of my baking abilities.

Homemade soup: I just didn't get around to this but since it's something simple enough I know I'll do it before winter is over. 

Halloween: We kept Halloween on a budget this year but still managed to have a great couple's costume. I talked about how to make a Charlie Brown costume, as well as becoming a pumpkin.

Hiking: I didn't get around to doing this either. Such great intentions but I just couldn't find the time to go and if I'm being honest, I completely forgot about it. 

Bloomsburg Fair: This didn't happen because the weather didn't cooperate. Mom, Little Miss and I ended up at the Syracuse Mall for the day instead where we shopped until we dropped.

Overall I'd call it a pretty successful season!

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