December 11, 2015

Friday Thoughts

This week went... where? I swear we enter some type of time warp between Thanksgiving and Christmas because although it's the same amount of days every year, I'm convinced it's getting shorter and shorter. 2 weeks people. Welcome to crunch time.

+ K's birthday was Wednesday. He's officially old which means it's time for me to upgrade to a newer model. He also received nothing but clothes because that's what you get when you're old and don't go shopping all year long. #howdoyoulivebro
+ While walking to work on Wednesday I heard "Good morning darlin'! Imma take you home". My first thought was, wow, that was direct. Quickly followed by, umm, no thank you sir. 

+ I have this friend at work who keeps me fed. Clearly someone read The Manual. Do you have any idea how wonderful and fattening it is? My office constantly has meetings going on and most of the time they're either catered or food services sets up snacks. If you have an in with someone, you're good. Word then circulates like wild fire and everyone scurries like rats to get free food because FREE FOOD. So I get brought cookies and plates of noms and I'm pretty sure my pants are getting snug. #notsorry

+ I don't even know how to dress anymore. Thursday I left my parka at home because it didn't feel that cold. When it came time for lunch I went out to meet a friend for Thai and I was almost sure we had skipped winter altogether and were at the early stages of spring.

+ At this point I'm pretty sure that winter isn't coming. It's supposed to be in the low-60s today. I'm at a loss as to how people honestly think global warming ins't a real thing.

And with that I'm off to get my Friday bagel and yogurt because nothing says Friday like free carbs!

Happy weekend! 

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