Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oops I Did it Again

How are we at Wednesday already? I feel as though last week just ended and I was begrudgingly getting up for Monday. Yet, here we are and it's time to vent. 

+ I can't accept the fact that Christmas is next weekend. At this point I'm just refusing to acknowledge it. It's too warm and I'm still not in the "Christmas spirit". 

+I know "25" came out like a month ago but here I am still listening to it on repeat as though I'm hearing it for the first time. I do not buy albums. I just don't. Most of the time I end up only liking 2 or 3 songs and then it feels like a complete and utter waste of money. This one though? Every. Freaking. Song. is amazing. 

+ I've pretty much stopped reading books. If it has more than 100 pages or isn't an audio book I'm finding I don't have the mental energy for it lately. Which just gives me all the sads because books. 

+ I needed to buy some clothes for a friend's kid so I asked the uncle what size she was. I have a good idea but she's a fat bottomed girl. Literally. This little morsel of kid has ALL the rolls and it's adorable. He responds with "30 months". Really dude??  Just say two and a half. GTFOH with this months nonsense. Hi, I'm Michael and I'm 372 months old.

+ I had a Reiki session done earlier in the week and I have never felt so relaxed or clear-headed. To say I felt like I was floating is an understatement.

+ I confess this with all seriousness... I like the new Justin Bieber album. Wtf is happening to me!?

And because the internet never disappoints....

And that concludes our weekly confessions. I suppose the real confession is that some of these aren't just amusing, they're my real life. 

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