Monday, December 7, 2015

The Best Weekend

You guys, happy freaking Monday! Seriously, as I'm typing this (on Sunday) I'm in an absolute fabulous mood and I plan to have the attitude carry on through. 

So what's got a spring in my step? I had a great freakin' weekend. I got to sleep in (until 8) on Saturday and I woke up feeling MUCH better (there was a very rough hangover on Friday thanks to my company holiday party). Then I spent the morning picking up, cleaning, and getting all my procrastination from the week checked off. 

When K got home from work we went to the gym! Can you believe it. I was in the gym for the first time in 6 months. Typing that is both embarrassing and empowering. Sadly, my lifts went down. I only squatted 65 for 10, which is absolutely horrible because when I stopped I was doing 100 and 105 for 10. I NEED to get back to that. Fortunately my dead lifts didn't go down too much. I did 95 for 10 and back in July I was doing 105 for 10. Lifting makes me feel like a powerhouse. I need to keep it going, especially through the winter.

After the gym we went to Best Buy so I could browse laptops since mine was misbehaving. I made the decision that if I found something I liked up to $300 I would just put it on my card and get it. Not having a laptop is not an option. #FWP #truestory  I found an HP and decided to apply for the card. I was approved and I'm the happy owner of a new HP.

After all that fun we picked up my new 6s Plus that I should have had back in October. Let me just tell you, this thing is massive! I feel like I'm watching Netflux on an actual tablet and its glorious! 

Finally it was dinner time and we went out with some friends for good wings and even better company.

Sunday meant a day of nothing but laziness except I didn't actually sit down until 4:30 in the afternoon. I was up and out by 7:30 and off to Walmart to pick up some things. Then I came home to whip up some holiday carrot cupcakes. Then it was clean up, organizing, laptop set up, football, dinner, iPhone setup... Needles to say it wasn't the picture of laziness I had in mind. Nevertheless, it was a great day.

How was your weekend?!

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