January 11, 2016

$2 Dreams

Unless you've been living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean then you're completely aware that the Powerball drawing is at an all time record jackpot.

Like anyone who wasn't born with a silver spoon in there mouth, I found myself fantasizing about winning all those Benjamins. I'm not sure how much $806 million is other than the fact that are a shit-ton of zeros at the end of 806. Here's an idea about where I'd start spending my winnings.

A car would be one of the absolute first things I purchased. A brand new, straight from the factory SUV with a sunroof. I'd had to decide whether I want stick or automatic. Stick is more fun to drive and it's better in the snow. 

Goodbye student loans, credit cards, and outstanding debts. I'm gonna make it rain so I never have to deal with you ever again. 

Hello 3 bedroom house all to myself, shore condo, and well, maybe a house in the Hamptons because I can. I go back and forth about whether I want a full house or a townhouse someday, now I don't have to be choosy. 

I'd be applying for my second passport because the first one will be filled within 6 months. Travel plans to Prague, Budapest, Paris, Italy, Germany, Greece, Antarctica, Australia, Thailand, Japan, and China are some of the first places I'd go to. 

Mom would have a new house, car, and bank account. My brothers and Little Miss would all finally get to be the trust fund kids I always wish I could have been. I'd also gift money to the rest of my family.

The 5 best friends (and their spouses) would each receive those really large checks that you only see on Publisher's Clearing House commercials because a) they're super fun, and b) that would be hilarious.

I wish I could do this with my present bank account, but alas, it disagrees with my charitable heart. Once I win the lottery it's $200K to the ASPCA, St. Jude's, MS Society, Alzheimer's Association, and Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Those are the five charities that are near and dear to me. 

I decided that this year I want to start investing in the stock market and I've already started buying a few shares. But the stocks on my watch list? I could finally afford them. Also, someone tell me why Chipotle stock is $413 dollhairs. Is this why guacamole is extra?

I'd buy tickets to every single DMB show for this summer's tour and would live out the ultimate groupie fantasy following them around the country. Why? Because DMB is life. 

Books on Books on Books
That personal library I've always dreamed of?  MINE! I'd love to build my own of all my favorite books but reality says I don't have the space to store them, and God help me if/when I need to move them. But when I'm Oprah rich, the library Beast gives Belle will be mine. Also, there will be a lot of this happening because fun. 

That's just a glimpse of where I'd start spending my millies. Seeing as how the next drawing isn't until Wednesday I'd say there's still time to spend $2 to make my dreams come true! Did I forget anything? What would you spend it on?

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