January 29, 2016

February Wallet Watch

February. I don't even have the words. How did this purgatory month get here so quickly? I mean no disrespect to the month of dead presidents and love but is it not the longest 28, or 29 in this case, days of the year?  I digress... 

As always I'm hoping that it flies by. Especially because I'll be trying my hardest to stick to my budget and watch my wallet. 

When I saw that Stephanie was doing a Wallet Watch for February I knew it was the perfect opportunity to join in, watch my spending, stick to my budget, and watch the benjamins pile up! Ok. They're not exactly piling up, but I'm making little stacks. 

There's no way I can handle an all out freeze right now, hence the watch. These are my rules (some are stolen from Steph):

1. Wallet Watch lasts from February 1 to February 29.
2. I will not be buying any clothing unless it's a clothing emergency... like last time. 
3. I will not be purchasing any books. 
4. Continue to use YNAB to track all spending/budgeting
5. Link up on March 4th (Friday) to share how I did. 

Approved spending:

1. Haircut on the 6th (~$120)
2. Yoga on the 14th ($TBD)
3. Pretty in Pink on the 17th (It's in theaters for it's 30th anniversary) (~$20)
4. Spa Day on the 20th (~$200)
5. My brother's show on the 21st ( ~$75. More on this later)
6. The Maltese Falcon on the 24th (~$20)
7. Any and all bridal shower expenses

It may not seem like the best time to do a wallet watch when your approved spending list is longer than your "rules". In reality, it is the best time to do it! February is going to be a costly month for me and this is a true challenge to not blow my budget and keep a handle on everything. 

Will you be joining in?? Let me know what your "rules" are. 

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