Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five

Let's start with the bad news shall we? 

+ I, nor anyone I know, won Powerball Wednesday night. As an aside, what is it with Florida? They always win the big bucks!

+ Let's let our patronuses fly and have a moment of silent for Severus. Seriously 2016... you're not starting out too well. 

Now it's on to the good (?) news.

+ It's Friday... and pay day... and a three day weekend. Which is basically the best combination of events for the entire month. And the cherry? I'm going home this weekend to hang out with Little Miss and friends. And by friends I mean my mother's ridiculous bear obsession. She's created her own photo-a-day game... 

+ Society has fallen to a new level. Apparently obesity is a thing that needs to be rectified.... with poop pills. "A new clinical trial -- which is not yet open to participants -- will study the effects of gut microbes from lean, metabolically healthy donors on the bodies of people with obesity and/or insulin sensitivity. To get the microbes from one person to the other, scientists will freeze the feces from donors and case the material into pills, to be taken orally by the subjects." Let me just say that if there is ever a shit-eating "frenzy" to lose weight, I'm becoming an expat. 

+ I bought tickets to Govenor's Ball for June. This will be my first time going but there was absolutely no way I was going to miss Gary Clark, Jr., my new-found musical love interest. Especially since Coachella tickets were already sold out. 

+ Yesterday was Day 3 of Operation MILF. So far, so good. Like I said the other day, the gym and I have a major love/hate relationship. When I'm there, I'm there. It felt really good to squat again, even if I am starting from the bottom again. Because pretty soon...

Side note: April can't get here soon enough. 

And on that note, I'm off to enjoy my half day at work with my coloring book and then I'm outta here for the weekend!  Enjoy!

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