January 25, 2016

How to Survive a New York Winter

Given that I have dealt with both upstate and Manhattan winters I consider myself something of an expert. Upstate winters are typically marked with lots of snowfall and cold temperatures. Depending on the year it can be bearable or you will strongly consider leaving everything and hopping on the first plane to Mexico. Since winter storm Jonas made us his bitch this past weekend, here's a handy guide... for next time.

When you wake up in the morning and your stairs look like this, you should refer to these tips.

If you're like me, cold extremities are not an option. This is the fastest way for me to be the first one to kick over the snowman and stomp my frozen feet inside where I can bathe in hot chocolate. Having a good pair of boots makes all the difference. Personally, I vote for Sorels. I got my first pair last year and more than anything I'm annoyed that it took me so long to get them. 

Another absolute must is a parka. Up until last year I was barely making my way through winters with pea coats and scarves. Let's just clear something up right now. Pea coats are not for winter. I don't care how great your wool pea coat is when we enter the dead of winter you're going to be freezing your tail off why I'm all

Once I became a know-it-all teen I thought ear muffs were the dumbest things ever. There was no way you were going to get me to wear them. And with curly hair? Forget it. However, I've learned there's something to be said for having warm ears. Bonus, they keep your forehead warm which is pretty crucial when the wind blows, you're trying to walk to work, and you end up with brain freeze without the fun of ice cream.

And yet here I am, bundled to the hilt, prepped and ready to shovel my ass off. It's 1,522 calories burned for 3 hours of shoveling by the way. Which is perfect for the next important step.

Wine. Need I say more? It took me about 15 minutes to figure out which one of these to open on Saturday. Ultimately, I went with Glenora's Bobsled Red because snow.

You also need to make sure you have adequate snacks. I suggest wine {see above}, cheese, chips, pizza rolls, wine, and bagels. Basically, all the carbs and wine.

If for any reason you're not sure about the weather just ask your cat. Cats know everything. 

Oh, and you should probably have a shovel. You're gonna need it.


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