Wednesday, January 6, 2016


It hasn't even been a full week and 2016 already feels like a whirlwind of a year. I just know it's going to be packed with big changes, happy events, and a lot of self-awareness. I still feel as though I'm trying to get into the swing of things from the holidays. So here's a look at what's been going on in...

Buying: All the adorable planner stickers and washi tape I can get my hands on! Rationally, I can't believe I am spending $20+ on stickers but ohmigawd they make my planner look so freaking awesome.

Wanting: I went to the Sorel store with a friend to spread the Kool-Aid. Mission accomplished. What I wasn't expecting was to fall in lust with their down coats. The one on the model looked absolutely picture perfect and made for my closet. So I googled, and then I had a pity party.

Creating: I've been decorating my ECLP {more on that another day}, coloring in my new coloring books, working on an editorial calendar for this space, and I will be starting a side project with a friend of mine. 

Watching: ALL OF THE THINGS! No really. I started watching Gilmore Girls from S1 last weekend. I also started Making a Murderer because I like all things crime related. Annnd I started playing catch up with Family Guy because sometimes I just I need to turn my brain off. 

Planning: 2016. I have some pretty solid to-dos for this year and I'm really putting thought into them instead of being all wishy-washy about it. Here's a peek at the list so far.

Writing: I've been Desire Mapping lately in an attempt to have some direction for 2016. Rather than just letting the year unfold I want to direct my energy and intentions into the things that I want to happen this year. 

Spending: I've been spending time out of the house for once. I've been having lunch with a few of the girls at work, mingling and hanging in the city "after hours". If this is what a social life looks like, it's kind of fun!

Saving: MONEY! Who woulda thunk it!? I still have almost half a paycheck left over from when I got paid at the end of December. Let me just tell you, this never happens. And if it does, chances are I forgot to pay something. But not this time. This time, I've got my 'sponsibility pants on and 

Reading: I've been working my way through Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and although I really enjoy it once I do get into it, I'm finding that I'm not sucked in the way I can get with other books. I'm also reading The Last Witness, my first SciFi book, which I'm also only semi-into. 

It hasn't even been a full week into the new year and already I've been a pretty busy little bee. If this is how the year is going to go - I'm excited! 

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