Monday, January 4, 2016

Mindy Kaling is my Spirit Animal

For the longest time I didn't understand the whole 'spirit animal' thing. I mean, I've taken a quiz and my spirit animal is the bear. The results are fairly accurate. But then everyone kept talking about how Amy Poehler was their spirit animal, or Nene, and I was all what the what. 

It wasn't until I was reading Dani's life lessons post that I understood the point of these celebrity spirit animals {always late to the party} and realized that Mindy was mine. Don't think so? Here's proof.

On most days

but then,

Sometimes I try to trick myself into working out and I'm all, 

Because how else am I going to find my soulmate?

But then I give up because I realize 

And most interactions I have with people leave me like,

And when it comes to dating, forget it! 

Occasionally there's a bad day when I need to remind myself that, 

And most importantly, 

Sometimes I have first world problems 

which results in a lot of

But when all else fails, I just dance it out

Who's your spirit animal?

And if you haven't done so, if you wouldn't mind filling out this brief survey for me? It would be much appreciated!

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