Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Sometimes I feel like ridiculous things happen to me just so that I can share them with all of you. Regardless, they make excellent confessions. 

+ I went to get in the shower Saturday morning and quickly realized I had no underwear. Apparently in my haste to pack to go home last weekend I omitted underwear. When I went to get my mom's keys there was a package sitting in the chair which she said was for me. My first question: is it underwear? It wasn't but instead was this awesomeness

+ I'm going to be real with you guys, the little reading challenge that I'm in with my mom - she's kicking my ass. I think she's finished 6 books already. I've been a little blasphemous and yelled at her to stop reading. Especially since she read one of the books I was struggling through. 

+ Mom, Little Miss, and I went to a wine tasting party Saturday night. Little Miss had her "wine" in her very own glass and towards the end she was just being goofy. I asked her if she was drunk and she laughs and tells me "no, I just burped!" Oh, ok then... ::insert side eye::

+ I had to run to the grocery store for something and was feeling so ugghhh when I walked out. Look, I know I grew up in this area, but the accent but I hear when I'm home visiting is beyond annoying. I can only hope and pray that when I moved to where I am now I did not sound like this.

+ I got home Sunday night and then proceeded to eat everything I could get my hands on including 3 Insomnia cookies, half a sandwich, and half a package of cheese crackers. I'm not even sorry.

+ I'll admit that sometimes my priorities are a little skewed. Did I need to spend $26 on mascara? Probably not. But when your tattoo artist draws up a custom design and attaches it to a to-die-for price, well, tattoo #8 is coming sooner than expected. 

+ When I'm sick I'm a complete bear.  I insist on hibernating, I'm a bit whiny, not too nice, and God-help you if you bother me. Oh by the way, I'm sick. #warned

Your turn! 

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