January 13, 2016

The Manual: Part II

Way back in the fall of  2013 I decided to do any potential suitors a favor and wrote them a manual to dealing with me. It covered the basics of sleep, food, and pet peeves. It's proved somewhat useful so much I thought a new chapter was in order. 

one// space
This is kind of a repeat of point five from Chapter 1 but it bears repeating because it's that important. Set up a date where you'll be MIA for almost 24 hours and we'll be golden. Space, not silence, is golden. 

two// have an opinion
I know for sure that I'm not the person to discuss politics with. Mainly because politics in general bore me. Regardless, you can bet that if I do have an opinion on a matter because I've formed my own thoughts and done my research. And if I don't have any idea what you're talking about, I'll say so. Be able to discuss things!

three// push me
I'm not exactly shy but there are times when I can use a little push out of my comfort zone. I like to be adventurous and try new things and I like those that I surround myself with to be the same way because always doing everything alone is boring.

four// be diverse
I have a LOT of interests and they vary drastically. I like spending time with people who have hobbies. Show me what you're into. Share it with me. You never know, I might find I enjoy it too and then - POOF! - we have something we each love to do that we can do together.

five// don't touch my hair
I'm not a prissy chick by any means, but don't touch my hair. Look at it, compliment it, but don't touch it. People without curly hair just don't understand curly hair. No, curls are a beast unto themselves and they do not appreciate being manhandled. And while you pull on them because ohmigawd they bounce like springs! I'm left to suffer their frizzy wrath.

six// take a joke
I'm not one to constantly pull practical jokes on people but sometimes I just can't help myself. Also, I will playfully crack jokes at your expense. It's called teasing and if you can give and take we'll be just fine.

seven// uggghhh
Look, I have a serious love/hate relationship with working out. The thing is, when I'm not doing it I'm thinking about how I should, and when I am doing it I'm cursing everything under the sun. But never have I regretted doing it. Having someone to be miserable with me just pushes me harder. Accountability is where it's at! Are you a gym-goer? Do you yoga? Do you even lift bro?

Really, I'm not that complicated. Food, fun, laughter, a little culture and I'm a happy camper. Share in some of those things and we'll be pals.

Some of you know me IRL - anything I left out? 

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