February 09, 2016

Booked Vol. 7

Since the last link up I made a concentrated effort to read more. I'm always complaining talking about how my TBR pile is constantly growing. Although this is true, it's mostly because I flag books I want to read, or buy them, and then never read them. This year I'm really planning to read all the unread books in the house. Although, for some reason, I haven't been motivated to pick up an actual book. Audiobooks to the rescue! Books are books amirite? Here's what I've been reading/listening to, and at the end, a little Goodreads How-To!

Brooklyn on Fire / Lawrence H. Levy
I was excited to read the second book by Levy after reading Second Street Station this summer. This is the second book by the author and I still love that it's a historically based thriller with characters including John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Ben Franklin. I like that it's a "local" historical mystery with some real-life elite name dropping. In this book, we find Mary continuing to work towards her detective dreams. She even has a small office space. When she's hired by a woman to look into the death of her uncle Mary finds herself tumbling down the rabbit hole of the elite and corrupt. I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

If I Stay / Gayle Forman
As always, I'm late to the party. This book was so heavy and yet light at the same time. I enjoyed the characters and embarrassingly enough, it took me a little longer than it should have to realize what was going on. But once I did, I could understand Mia's struggle. Stay... or go. Heart strings tugged.

Leaving Time / Jodi Picoult
This was first Picoult book and it was amazing right from the beginning. Like, A M A Z I N G! My God. What an incredible book. Elephants, psychics, a little mystery... This books had everything for me. Read it. Just read it. 

Jenna hires both a psychic and an investigator in attempt to find her mother, who has been missing for the past decade. She doesn't give up and does what she needs to do in order to locate her. But when she comes to terms with some realizations, it changes everything she thought she knew. 

On a separate note, I learned SO much about one of my favorite animals. Elephants are such magical creatures and some of the passages were hard to listen to and hurt my heart. But it just makes me more aware of the necessity of protecting them.

Passed the Time
Lucky / Jackie Collins
I was at work in The Center a.k.a. Purgatory, and decided I'd pass the time listening to a book. This was a quick 3 hours so I thought it would be a good choice. Unfortunately, it was definitely lacking. The book was read by the author, which was fine, but the book itself just didn't pull me in. I had no idea what was going on. New characters were introduced and you were flung into their baby mama drama. I felt like I was listening to a soap opera.

Nighttime is my Time / Mary Higgins Clark
This book was decent enough. As its category depicts, it passed the time just fine. Typically I read her books but since this was available as an audio, I went with it.

The Book Stops Here / Kate Carlisle
Apparently this book is part of a series, but I don't think those need to be read to keep up with this one. As this was a mystery book about books, I was pulled in right from the beginning. Plus the reader did an excellent job. I felt engaged and as if I were watching a mini movie play out in my head. If you find it I'd recommend it.

How to be Single / Liz Tuccillo
With the movie coming out soon, which looks hilarious by the way, I figured I'd give this a listen/read first. It was read by Judy Greer, who I like, and she made it fun. The book itself was just ehh. I mean, I didn't hate it, but it was very clearly SATC inspired. A group of women, all single or newly divorced, who are all from different walks of life, who are frustrated by their love lives, one of which who is writing about the single life, where they all happen to vacation overseas? Let's hope the movie is good.

Skip It

FU, Penguin / Matthew Gasteier
This book is based on the popular blog by the same name. I've never heard of, or seen, the blog before but this book was rough to get through. The pictures and their titles were funnier than the text portions. This was the funniest page in the book. 

#D E A D

The Last Witness / K.J. Parker
This was my first Sci-Fi book. It was one of those books that you're not really into but interested in just enough that you want to know what's going on and what's going to happen. I only picked this up because it sounded good and was very short.... and yet I couldn't even finish it because it was so boring. I kept waiting for it to get to the point and it just never got there.

*     *     *
Before you leave, I thought I's share something with you. I've had mine set up since sometime last year but after seeing others "wish it could be possible" I knew this needed to be shared. Thanks to Kelli for reminding me!

We all love and use Goodreads. We all love our beloved books. But what about those books that you juts can't get through no matter how hard you try? Where do you put them? You certainly didn't read them. DNR shelf to the rescue!

The DNR shelf is the purgatory for all those books you couldn't bring yourself to finish. It doesn't count towards your Goodreads goal, since that only counts Read books, and you'll know what you tried in case you ever want to try again I'm looking at you, Jane Austen....

If you're in need of a DNR shelf here's what to do:

Go to My Books > Bookshelves (top left) > Edit > Add a Shelf > DNF (or whatever you want to call it) this is the important part Once the shelf is created check the exclusive box This is what separates it from your Read /Currently Reading/TBR shelves.

You're welcome!

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