February 17, 2016

Goings On

Happy Wednesday peeps! I know it's confession day but since I don't have anything juicy going on, here's a little bit of what I've been up to.

+ I went to yoga on Sunday to be part of Alyssa's first class and sit in on her YTT class. Can I just say doing 150 minutes of yoga, half of it hot yoga, on one of the coldest days of the year was absolutely amazing? The best part? I did my first yoga headstand. #awesome

+ Sunday's episode of TWD was, in my opinion, the best episode I have ever seen. It had everything

+ On Saturday, I spent the entire day on the couch drinking tea and reading books. I actually finished 2 books that afternoon. It was beyond glorious. Friday night was equally perfect.

+ Sunday morning between yoga classes I went to a diner across the street. I was on a yoga high and feeling incredibly zen. As I was finishing eating I decided that I was going to leave a 100% tip. It felt amazing to do and I'm glad I did it.

+ I typically am annoyed by people who text and walk because they never take the time to look up. On Sunday, I was that girl. I was walking towards the Shop n Stop entrance and there was a curb. Of course I wasn't paying attention so rather than step up, I tripped. When I attempted to step with my other foot, it too was too far behind the curb so I tripped again. Needless the say, I ended up on all fours on the ground. #dumbass.

+ I've been completely reminded about why I will never be 100% Team Apple. I typically back up my phone via iCloud. I decided to do a backup to my laptop and then sync some things. Of course everything that was in iTunes - all my music, movies, etc. - is missing.

We're just going to stop there because iTunes pisses me off to inhuman levels. Sync this, restore that, How about yuo just work and do what I want?!

At least I'll be seeing Pretty in Pink tonight...

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