Monday, February 29, 2016

How I Use my Erin Condren Life Planner

Last year I revealed how I ponied up and bought a "big girl planner". Basically, I shelled out more money for bound paper than I willingly spend on a pair of jeans. And you know what? It was soo  worth it! After it arrived and I thumbed through its gorgeousness I had to put it away. I ordered early but only ordered for January-December 2016, so even though it was September and I had my planner, I was unable to use it. Once the last week of December rolled around, I dove in.

As ridiculous as it sounds I had no idea where to start decorating. I wanted my planner to look full and pretty and beautiful like the Instagram accounts I had been following for inspiration. I quickly realized this wasn't ideal for me because I detest clutter. Some of the pins and images I was seeing were overwhelming to the eye and I hated them. 

This was the one area I was really dragging my feet on. The stickers on Etsy are sooo adorable but I was being a cheapo and hated that they were all coming from different shops and would mean that I'd have to pay separate shipping. For my first go around I ended up finding fun stickers at Amazon but then stumbled on Crystal & Company and went to town. The fun part, up until the 31st of March, if you use code POSH you'll save 50% on your sticker order. Trust me, it's worth it! She has amazing stickers. 

I ordered footballs, movie popcorn, yoga poses, litter boxes, credit cards, and groceries among others.

I don't have a sticker maker and I didn't want to spend the money on EC inspirational stickers. Instead, I found some printables {which can be turned into stickers with a maker} and printed them on regular paper. I then cut out each and every one of them and with my trusty glue stick, applied them where I wanted. They're sprinkled throughout the planner and the ones I haven't used yet are in the zipper pouch in the back.  

I turned the first 2 pages in the planner into my affirmation pages. A place where I could go when I needed some general pick-me-up words. 

This was the very first DIY "sticker" I added. It's the very first thing I see when I open the cover.

I knew I didn't want to be using one of the 74616 pens I've hoarded in this planner. No, this was THE planner and it needed to have special pens. Enter Staedtler. A friend of mine recommended these and I'm so happy I listened. They're amazing. They don't bleed through, come in a million colors, and they have a funky triangular shape which I adore. Plus they come in a stand-up easel case. I didn't even have the first set for a week before I ordered the second. I also use the Paper Mate Flair felt-tip pens because I love their vibrant colors. They also don't bleed. 

I can't even begin to tell you how psyched I am for December!  I bought these Penguin numbers to go over the numbers and I ordered blank stickers that can be colored in. 

As you can see, my decorating is still a work in progress. I don't like clutter so I try to keep it clean, but pretty. I also haven't decided whether I want to commit to "themed weeks" {we both know the answer to that is probably no} and decorate that way. For now, I'm just filling in as I go. 

 Looking at my planner now I can't believe that I ever wavered on buying it in the first place, let alone all the fun stuff for it. I'm not sure if I'll continue this in 2017 because really, stickers ain't cheap yo!, but I do know that right now, I'm absolutely loving this! 

How do you decorate your planner? Do you have a method?

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