February 10, 2016

My First Haircut

Would you believe me if I told you I've never had my hair cut? My first haircut was at 12 years old and my mom did it #confession I have never sat down in a salon chair and lived that experience... until this past weekend.

I was super excited to have a real "girl moment". At the same time, I was equally nervous because I don't let anyone touch my hair.

For quite some time now I've been tossing around the idea of getting a haircut. I knew I wanted to go to a professional, and I knew it needed to be someone who would know what to do with my hair type. This is the only thing I envy about you straight-haired girls, you can literally go anywhere and it will be okay.

I debated going to DevaCurl or Ouidad but for a cut starting at over $100 that was out of the question. While walking through my town last fall, I noticed a place called Jersey Curl. I immediately took to Yelp to read reviews and check out their website. Fast forward to January and I find myself getting off the bus from my evening commute, walking in the door to their new location - the bottom of my block! - and scheduling an appointment. 

When I sat down my hairstylist Iris asked me what I was looking to do and if I had any styles in mind. We chatted about my curl type, what products I should stay away from (anything with sulfates read: everything I own), and how I can get the look I want. 

They use the Deva style cut here which basically means that my hair is cut dry and then washed after. Iris snipped about in sections and I started getting teary-eyed while she was cutting #confession 

After the cut, we washed. You guys, I totally get the joy of having your hair washed! Leaning back in that sink, having someone else wash your hair and massage your scalp is pretty damn heavenly! #confession Deva products were used, which smell amazing by the way, total aromatherapy in the shower. She had me feel my hair post shampoo/conditioner and my hair was incredibly soft and silky. 

Then it was time for styling. She only used 3 products which I liked. Simple is definitely for me. To give me volume at the crown, something I want more of, she added pin curl clips and then placed me under the dryer. The dryer... Sweet Jesus you guys, how do you do this!? It's like, really fucking hot. Okay, not lava hot, but I felt my face getting tight so I kept making weird scrunch faces because my face felt like a dried up river bed. 

Finally, it was time for final touches. She cut a few more layers in here and there and then I was done. My response? I absolutely love it! I realize I had "salon hair" so the chances of duplicating this at home wasn't promised. You know, since I don't have a salon dryer in my house, let alone an actual hair dryer. But I walked out feeling absolutely amazing.

I can't lie, I was really excited to see how the other half lives. This was an amazing first experience and I'm certain that I will be back in 6-9 months. I think I'm becoming a real girl #confession

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