March 02, 2016

Confessions Lately

Today is kind of a hybrid post. A few confessions... a little bit of life lately.

+ I'm stealing this from Kathy's confessions last week because it's sooo true: "when technology doesn't work like it's supposed to. This by far pisses me off the most"  Amen sister!

+ Lately, I've been fantasizing about being my own boss and working from home. In theory, it seems idyllic, practically, I have some doubts. Like, a lot of them. Because couch.

+ I've officially reached the point of winter where I'm fed up with everything in my closet and uncomfortable in my own skin. Time to stop being a winter fat ass. This may or may not have been brought on by the fact that I ordered a pair of pants in my size and when I tried them on they were snug. #itwas

+ We all know I do yoga. I'll admit I'm inconsistent AF, but I do it. And when I do I'm all there. I love time on the mat and I have Alyssa to thank for it. She introduced me to yoga in a real, practical way with Bad Yogi. I connect with Bad Yogi. I want to do yoga and eat a cheeseburger the next day - and it's OKAY. No one is perfect, no one has it all together. I'm so sad I missed out on being part of this video, but dammit if it didn't make me cry when I watched it.

+ My friend's bridal shower was this past weekend. For the most part, I did the planning and organizing. The one thing I learned: never again.

+ I have a blate with my blogging faves this weekend and I'm super excited about it.

+ I'm still trying to figure out when March happened. I mean the Super Bowl was like, last weekend. And now it's time for Shamrock shakes and green beer? Father Time needs to check himself.

+ I've pretty much kicked the impromptu cookie addiction I developed over the holidays. Thank God! Seriously, my waistline, and wallet appreciate it. Insomnia, it's not you, it's me. I love your delicious fresh-from-the-oven cookies, but a girl needs to fit into a bathing suit. #noreallyitsyou

+ I signed up for the Color Run in May. 10 weeks. C25K is back in my life and I am determined to own it.

+ I've been on a book tirade lately and obviously I don't hate it. Audiobooks are a glorious thing.

+ I feel like 4.5 years later and I'm still trying to find my rhythm in blogging. Ebb and flow, right?

+ The other day I had a deep realization that I am way too hard on myself. There are a few situations that I beat myself over and last week I finally just said I forgive you, I'm sorry, Thank you, I love you. There were a lot of tears. #soulconfessions

+ I was feeling incredibly unmotivated and uninspired to post last month {obviously} and I thought about hanging up my blogging hat. A lot.

+ I've been ordering all the stickers. I should have known better than to get close to the black hole of planning. I mean, I've always used a planner and I'd sometimes decorate, but this? Mario has eaten the mushroom!

+ I believe in manifesting, angels, guardians, and a higher power. #spiritjunkie

And on that note.... Happy Wednesday. How many days until Memorial Day? 

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