March 25, 2016

Full Circle

You know what I love? When things come to fruition. I honestly don't think anything going on this month, or in the next week, will possibly come close to the fact that I bought a car two weeks ago, but there's a lot on this girl's plate, so anything is possible. As I was saying...

When things come to pass it's pretty awesome. Back in January friends from home were having a psychic reading party. I immediately was interested and I went. Before you jump to conclusions and misconceptions let me just tell you now: if a psychic gives you a lot of gloom and doom, walk. If they ask for a lot of personal information (astrological sign, birth order, etc), walk. This was my first time but you should always go with your gut, and let me tell you, Alonnie knew her stuff. 

Among other things, the one thing she said that has been at the forefront of my mind these days is that financial abundance and success are in my near future. However, before that, there's going to be a period of hustle and hard work.

I pretty much took what she said and filed it away. I'm not a hard-core skeptic, but I also don't take everything at face value. I understand that I have the power to change anything in my life through my thoughts. If I'm feeling sad, I can change that by simply deciding to not be sad anymore. If I'm feeling angry, I flip it and decide to release whatever is angering me. It's truly as simple as that. Positivity seeks out positivity - just as the same is also true.

As I said, I took what she said with the idea that I would cross that bridge when it presented itself. I'm not ready to let all the details out right now, but I can definitely tell you I'm in a period of hustle - and I'm ready to cross the bridge! 

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