March 23, 2016

Life After 30

I think I'm significantly past 30 where I can say definitively that there are just certain things I can't do anymore. That's not to say that I limit myself by any means, but after this milestone, some things just aren't as fun, or easy, as they used to be.

Tea, please.
Coffee and I no longer get along. It saddens me to admit that but it is what it is. At first, I thought it was just the Keurig machines at work. I'd feel nauseous after having a cup of coffee in the morning. Then I realized that even when I ordered my DD {medium, skim, 2 Splenda} I was only drinking half of it. I've pretty much switched over to tea entirely because it's amazing and has 749649 flavors.

Flats forever
There was a time in my life where high heels reigned supreme. And really, it was only 6-8 years ago. Now, if it's not a sensible height and quite comfortable, you're not going to get me to wear it. The heels I currently own I'll have until they fall apart, which will be a pretty long time since I almost never wear them. I'm all about wedges, sneakers, and Dr. Scholls flats. Can you believe these pewter colored beauties are Dr. Scholls?! #noshame

Drinking has lost its appeal
I'm quite certain that the Christmas party debacle was the deciding factor but even before that I had been drastically cutting back on my nights out drinking. That's not to say I went out every weekend, Hardly! But even my occasional glass/bottle at home has dwindled. I just don't have the time or energy to waste on that "extra day" of recovery. Plus, there's that whole 'my body is a temple' idea. And I want to kick it 'til my 80s.

Bye Felicia
I've never had any trouble cutting people out of my life if they're no longer serving me. And by that, I mean adding value and merit to my life. If you're driving the drama train or have become a soul /energy vampire I'm going to see myself out and not look back. 

It's 10 pm, are you in bed yet?
If there's one thing I have truly come to appreciate Post-30 it's not going out after 6 pm. I know that seems really early and boring but there is nothing like spending the night in your jams, with a cup of tea, on the couch or snuggled in bed, with a damn good book. Friends ask me to go out at 9 pm and I'm like,

Then there are those damn Tasteful Treasures parties you get invited to. You know what I mean, the ones for sex toys. Seriously? You're actually hosting one of these and you're inviting me? The same goes for Younique, Jamberry, and whatever jewelry party you're hosting. The only exception is Pampered Chef because mama loves to cook!

Forever Not Gonna Fit
I'm fully aware that we live in a youth-obsessed culture but when you're over 35 and still trying to shop at Forever 21, you're going to get some side-eye. Sure, you may be slim enough to still fit in those clothes, kudos to you. The thing is, nothing in that store is age-appropriate for you. I'm not saying you need to start shopping in your mom's closet but the racks at F21 are demo'd towards those 12-year-olds you were cursing out last night for being so loud. 

If I'm being totally honest, I've been 30 for quite some time. Like, 4 years before I actually turned 30. And I love every PJ-clad, couch infused moment of it!

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