March 16, 2016

That Time I Bought a Car

Last week I dropped a bombshell confession. Today I'm going to tell you the story which requires time travel. Back to March 2013 to be exact. 

It was a nice March day. I had to run an early morning errand to run then I was heading home to get ready for a paralegal conference. Unfortunately, my car had other plans. I pulled into a gas station because I noticed the engine was overheating. The conference was immediately a no-go. 

After letting the car cool down some, I very slowly made my way home. Have you ever had to drive an overheating car? It's not fun. Fortunately, the gas station to my house was exactly 2 miles. Eventually, I was able to get the car to Firestone where they basically tried to hand me the girl card by saying that I probably mixed up the fluids. First of all, that would never have happened. Secondly, n e v e r. The end result was the motor would need to be replaced. And so I went back to being a walker. 

As most of you know, I've been on a spiritual journey in the last year. Meditation, affirmations, turning inwards. Two weeks ago I decided to put myself in the energy of getting a new car. I was going to go for a test drive. What better way to call in my desire than to take part in some inspired action. I've known for a long time that I wanted an SUV so I searched online and picked out a few that I wanted to give a try. 

Last weekend K and I went to Kia to take a look at the Kia Sportage. It seemed like a nice choice and since K has an Optima, I knew what it would feel like. Of course, you can't just walk in, test drive, and walk out so we sat down with the salesman (Al) and talked a bit. I figured this wasn't a bad thing as it would give me some insight as to where I would fall payment wise. I expressed that I was open to lease or finance, whichever served me best and that I didn't care about anything other than having a sunroof and it being any color but white. Al informed me that to have a sunroof would mean going up 4 packages, which basically added on another $6 grand.

After deciding that leasing was my best option we discussed what my max payment could be and what I could put down. At this point, I had a good idea of my budget and what was out of the question. We kept talking numbers and finally Al spit out a number I could really get behind. It was at that moment that I truly entertained the idea of leaving there with a new car. 

There were some more negotiations, I double-checked my insurance quote from a few weeks ago (like I said, I was getting in the energy and doing my homework) and purchased the insurance policy. We were then moved from the sales floor to the finance office. 

We sat down with Calvin who came back to me with an entirely different number than what we had been discussing with Al. Basically, they wanted $1,500 right then and there whereas Al had told me differently. I asked if we could have a minute to discuss and Cal left the room. It was then that I started to become discouraged. Why would you tell me X and then say Y? I know that's how it works, but that doesn't make it right. When he came back into his office I told him I couldn't do that number and that I was told something else.

In true sales fashion, he amended his offer and after consideration, I accepted. And then I started crying. Big ugly tears. I tried to keep it together but I just couldn't. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that this was happening and I was doing it and it was real. My dream was coming true. I was going to have a car again. 

We signed all of the paperwork and although my payments are still higher than the number Al quoted me, I got my way by only putting down what I originally said.

The only feeling I have is gratitude. I am exceeding grateful that this came to fruition. I'm grateful that I finally have a reliable car of my own. I'm grateful that I have the funds to be able to pay for said car. I'm grateful that I got exactly what I asked for. 

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