Friday, March 4, 2016

Wallet Watch Recap

March is finally here and Wallet Watch is over! What I really should be saying is what wallet watch? Seriously, this was a tremendous fail for me. I shopped, I ate out, basically, I didn't adhere to my own rules at all.

At the beginning of the month, I laid out some ground rules for myself.

I will not be buying any clothing unless it's a clothing emergency... like last time.  This was a lie. 

+ Bought a scarf at Loft for 14.99. It was half off and super pretty. I'm actually wearing it as I type this.

+ Went to TJM one day during lunch and bought 3 new shirts and a pair of ankle pants. The total was $80 but I had a gift card so I only ended up paying $1.96. 

+ Went shopping with a friend (this was planned... kind of) and ended up spending $146.27 on cardigans, 2 shirts, replacement sleep shorts, and styling cream.

+ Etsy is my newest addiction, as are planner stickers. I spent $54.75

+ Bought that Apple case I was dreaming about...

As for my approved spending, 
my haircut was less than I anticipated by $58

+ I went to see Pretty in Pink and The Maltese Falcon and was on target with that I anticipated spending. 

+ My day at the spa also came out to less than expected, by about $80. 

+ I was right on target with my brother's show being $75. The show itself was free but I gave him $40 in cash, bought a $10 band shirt, and then gave them a $25 gift card to the diner that they walked into while I was eating with MBFF. 

I will not be purchasing any books. This was actually a success and the one of the only areas I didn't ignore. 

Continue to use YNAB to track all spending/budgeting This too was a success. I'm a huge fan of YNAB. 

Overall, I'd give myself a solid C+. I completely ignored my no clothing ban, but I did save myself close to $140 so in a way, it balances out. Ironically, I didn't mention eating out in my rules at all and I suppose it's a good thing because I'd surely be getting an F if I did. Let's just say my eating out "budget" was over $200 and I really need to reign it in. It gets me every month. 

How did you do?!

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