Monday, April 4, 2016

In Case You Were Wondering

Well, well, well. Look who's showing face on a Monday. The way things have been around here lately you'd think I'm a hungover college student who can't make it to class on time except for once a week. Alas, I got my 8 hours and I'm ready to rock.

Since things are all over the place in my life I figured I'd stick to discussing the things that I'm sure of right now. Like the fact that I hate the updates that Bloglovin' has rolled out. There were people popping up in my feed that I don't remember following. After throwing it out into the Twitterverse, Kelly became a lifesaver when she introduced me to Feedly. I still get to follow all of you in an organized fashion without the drama of sifting through blogs I didn't ask for.

Speaking of updates, is everyone still mad at Instagram? I noticed that the timestamp is back, it's just below the comments. And something about the way in which photos are shown? I don't know you guys, I can't keep up with this nonsense. Jenn put together an awesome post about her favorite Instagram accounts. You should check it out, I know I added a few to my feed. And if you're not following The Awkward Yeti, we can't be friends.

I posted a poll on Twitter to get some input about that I should name my car. I'm just going to say it, you guys were not helpful :) Seriously. It was a 50/50 draw between Cooper and Javier.

It matters not however because my adorable little SUV has officially been named Javier and he'll be spoiled as much as humanly possible. I filled up with my first full tank last week - $23.57. I was pretty much in love.

I went home for Easter where Little Miss fired my Mom in the middle of making dinner. You guys, it was like a mini Gordan Ramsey appeared in the kitchen.'"you're not a good cooker. Get out of here. You're fired!'"as she points to the door. One word - HILARIOUS!

Other than that things are moving right along. I'm anxiously waiting for summer to get here as it's full of juicy, sun-drenched plans. I can't even tell you how excited I am to buy a season pass to the beach this year. Seriously - it'll be like Christmas morning.

And now I'll turn it over to you - what's new? What's going on? What are you excited about? 

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