Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dyed Trying

As I do every year I went home for Mother's Day. It's not that we do anything special, no brunch, no lunch, no dinner out, but I firmly enjoy spending time with my mom that day. 

This year the weekend was a little different. 

You guys, I did the Color Run! 

I was super excited since this was my first time. We arrived early to pick up our t-shirts and bibs. Little Miss was so excited to have her own tag. She looked ridiculously adorable. 

The best thing about this run is that it's not timed and there's zero pressure. The whole point is to have fun and raise money for a selected charity. 

Little Miss had so much fun and was super excited she got a medal. Truth be told, so was I. This was the first medal I've ever received. 

The following day included a lot of lounging around and playing outside. I gave my Mom her present and she loved it. 

{Pretend you're looking at a large orange and nude canvas tote bag with rope handles and a fun design}

Since January, I had been randomly buying things I knew she liked or wanted and was just throwing them in that fun tote bag. On first glance, I wanted the bag for myself but after I quickly realized that I really didn't need it I realized it would be the perfect vehicle for my gift. A goody bag of goodies.

We spent time shopping. I have to say I was super good. I bought 3 candles (3 for $12); a photo booth picture ($5), a denim vest ($20), and lotions from Victoria's Secret ($18 Side note: these were usually $18 a piece. They were on sale for $6 a piece - STEAL!). Much better than my usual total after a weekend home!

On Monday, we did some yard work, played outside, went to the park and had manicures done. Little Miss kills me. We walked in and as my mom was signing in on the sheet Little Miss heads over to an empty chair with a nail tech and says "I need my nails done". She's too much cute for her own good. She chose purple :)

We finished the evening "camping out" as she likes to call it, and making s'mores.

As if that wasn't enough, at around 9:30 my mom sends me this...

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