Monday, June 6, 2016

Addictions Are Bad Mmkay

I wasn't sure where to start with this post but I figured confessing to my addiction was the first step. 

Stationary, Stickers, and (s)pens (I really wanted to rock some alliteration) have been in my existence for as long as I can remember. It started back in first grade and I've never been able to kick the habit. I distinctly remember sniffing textbooks, library books, and handouts in school. Weird be damned, I needed my fix! 

As I've grown older it's intensified. I walk into a library or bookstore and just take deep breaths, doing everything I can to absorb that papery scent. August is the best month ever because all the school supplies are out and it takes everything I have not to buy loose leaf paper, composition notebooks, and ALL the pens and post-its. There is something magical about stationary and its supplies. 

So when planning - real planning - came into my life, I knew I was in trouble. I bought my ECLP-H just to try it. It was like the sample before the storm. Since then I have bought a gorgeous perforated mint Kikki K (because how could you not buy this!?) and have spent a number I don't want to be consciously aware of on stickers. 

I have favorite suppliers; I have codependent planning buddies; I have tutorials to show me new ways to imbibe. Sweet Kawaii Designs is one of my absolute favorites. Her stickers are vinyl so you can move them around if need be. Crystal & Company is another favorite. Hers come in all different sizes, and they're bright, colorful, and fun. Also, if you go to Crystal & Company and use my code Michael15 you'll save 15%. Like Geico, only better. 

There may or may not be a Plan With Me video on the iPad...

Photo credit to Katie D. because I didn't have the sense to take a pretty picture of my May MPK
And the actual process of planning? Don't get me started! It's magical and pretty and soothing and fun.    

At this point, I'm in too deep. There is no rehab that can fix this addiction, and even if there was, I'm certain is refuse to go. 

So I guess what I'm really trying to say is...

do you have a favorite shop I should get stickers from? 

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