June 22, 2016

Deprive Yourself

Several months ago I saw a post about sensory deprivation chambers. I thought it was interesting and that was pretty much it. Fast forward to my mom asking me if I had ever heard of them. I said yes and then set about finding one around me.

Lucky for me I live in a metropolitan area so there were several locations to choose from. I decided to go with Serene Dreams because they had a website. Call me simple but any business in the 21st century that doesn't have a website isn't the place for me. I'm a digital girl living in a digital world. 

I made a Saturday appointment for a 60-minute float. I didn't do any Googling or researching because when I'm doing something new I prefer to go in with a clean slate; no preconceived notions to be swayed by. I knew it was something I'd enjoy because if there's one thing I make known about me loud and clear is that I like love my personal space.

You're probably wondering what flotation therapy is. From their website:

"Flotation is a uniquely immersive therapeutic experience that enhances your mental and physiological health. It has its roots in the scientific research of sensory deprivation. In 1954 a neuroscientist named John Lilly found that the distraction-free environment of his isolation tank led to incredibly enhanced states of mental relaxation.
When you step into our specially-designed float tanks, a precise solution of water and Epsom salts, calibrated to the body’s temperature, 98 degrees Fahrenheit, awaits. This carefully controlled environment inside the tank (quite similar to the famed waters of the Dead Sea, one of the world’s first natural health resorts) creates buoyancy that allows you to float effortlessly on the surface of the water. In this zero gravity environment you are totally free of distractions. Your muscles can relax completely, your mind can become quiet and still, and you can achieve a feeling of weightlessness and utter relaxation that cannot be found elsewhere." 

After getting the walk through the only concern I had was that the water wouldn't be warm enough for my liking. I was so wrong.

While floating I recall thinking that this was the coolest thing ever. I literally could not sink and I immediately felt relaxed. I decided to dive in and went for the full sensory deprivation experience. Basically, no light of any kind, no sound, and the lid completely closed. I shut my eyes, listened to my breathing, and fell asleep. 

At some point I woke up and figured I had been sleeping for a while, truth was I hadn't been. Maybe 15 minutes at most. But I felt so incredibly rested. According to their brochure, the mental and physical benefits are:

  • reduced stress
  • enhanced creativity and improved problem-solving
  • alleviation of depression symptoms
  • meditative-like, low-frequency brain waves
  • improves sleep cycles
  • boosts circulation
  • provides migraine relief
  • helps release insomnia
  • improves immune system
  • pain relief

After my float was over I didn't want to get out. I was just so comfortable and at peace. It was so quiet, and dark. It's definitely something I'd do again. Maybe every couple of months. 

It was so incredible. Completely relaxing. I can't even explain how peaceful it was. I highly recommend giving it a try if there's a spot near you! 


  1. That sounds so awesome!!

  2. +1 and totally agree that I won't usually patronize a business without a website. Anyway...
    I have been back and forth. I really, REALLY want to try this for all the benefits that, hello, I could totally use. But on the other hand, I feel like I'd prefer to try it for just like 20 minutes first, rather than commit to the hour. Is there an opt-out? Also, I am SUPER claustrophobic and I know inside the tank I won't be aware of being enclosed, but logically I'll know. Not sure I can get past that.
    BUT on the other other hand, I also kind want you to let me know the next time you go and maybe join.

  3. Wow... I've never even heard of this! That's an interesting experience.

  4. This sounds so cool! Even if there were no benefits, I'd be interested in trying it, just to see what it was like. So the water/salt mixture is dense enough that you literally float without effort? Does it feel like anything is touching you, or because it's body temperature, it's like nothing? Do you go in naked?

  5. This looks amazing... I so want to try this!!! Can you do this with the door open? Not sure how my anxiety would like it if the door was closed. LOL

  6. I have never done anything like this but it sounds so cool and relaxing!!!