July 08, 2016

From the Mouth of Babes

Going home is always an adventure. There are so many things that make me all

I decided that I would just start keeping notes of all the funny things Little Miss says. Trust me, she's a comedienne.

+ While I'm leaning over cutting carpet: what are boobs for? 

+ After asking me "what's that noise", which was a dog barking: yeah, he's just telling me I'm pretty. 

+ My mom tells me that one night she runs into the living room with her shirt lifted crying: my boobs aren't growing!

+ My mom goes to help her finish with the potty: no grandma, you're fired! Aunt Michael, I'm done! 

+ While trying to throw a basketball in the net and missing: I have no skills!!!

+ After she asked what the phone was and I tell her it's a Galaxy. 
LM: what's a galaxy
M: it's the stars and moon; like space. 

+ As she's going to bed: where's your space phone?

+When asking what she wants to do for the day: I want to buy the biggest pool in the mall. 

+Randomly: "Hey, my heart's not beating!" Umm... I hope so! 

And what post is complete without a mom cameo. I gave her the basic of rundown of snapchat this weekend and she gave me this gem while scrolling through the stickers: 

+ "Ooh, I'll have to get Ellen on snapchat. She loves avocados."

I'm telling you guys. It's never a dull moment in the 607. 


  1. My boobs aren't growing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Haha little kids are so adorable. I love that they just say exactly what comes to their mind.

  3. hahaha little kids are the cutest. they say the funniest things!

  4. My boobs aren't growing... for some of us they never really do, but it's okay x).

  5. Bahahaha! My goddaughter was also fascinated with boobs. I remember her saying, after we had all changed into bathing suits to go swimming, "My swimsuit didn't come with boobs."

  6. So wait, did you tell her what boobs are for?! :) she's such a cutie pie. With quite a boob preoccupation, it seems.
    Also, re: your mom's Ellen comment... my cousin likes to remind the family every chance she gets that her mom/my aunt wished Ellen and Portia a happy anniversary on Facebook *crying emoji*

  7. The dog telling her she's pretty is my favorite! Adorable!!

  8. I'm with Little Miss on the crying over lack of boobage lol! The Galaxy/space one had me cracking up though- so literal, but so cute!