July 06, 2016

Sunday Sweats Vol. 17

Sunday 7/3 - FUN!
I was home and yoga was cancelled so none of that awesomeness took place. Instead I stuffed my face at a BBQ and lazed around a pool and hot tub all day. #notsorry

Monday 7/4 - jog intervals 
As this would be a gym day I didn't want to throw off my routine too much so I got up early and went for a 2 mile walk/jog and then did goblet squats, walking lunges, and some arm work at home. 

On a more fun note, I spent the afternoon playing volleyball in the pool and then abusing my body by repeatedly throwing it down a slip n slide. 

Tuesday 7/5 - FUN! 
Tuesday was ultimate laziness. I was mildly sore from the body launching and I was going to be heading back to NJ so it was allowed. I did get in some playground time at my elementary alma mater though. 

Wednesday 7/6 - gym
I was in no mood to get up at 5:15 and hit the gym but my discipline showed up big time. I went and got a decent workout even though I kept it light. Then I did some walking after work. Probably negated by Insomnia ice cream cookie-wich I ate but I care not. 

Thursday 7/7 - rest
Today was a quiet day. I did some extra walking but otherwise kept it simple. It's too hot to be running around and exerting energy. 

Friday 7/8 - gym
I was so tired this morning thanks to my new Thursday night gig (more on this later) so I kept it super light and focused on cardio today. I did leg press and some tricep work and then called it a day.  

Saturday 7/9 - weigh in + walk + labor 
I needed my oil changed (yay!!) so I was there right when they opened. Still a 90 minute wait so I headed across the street to the park to walk. I put in 3 laps (1.5mi), picked up my car and went to step on the scale. This week I stayed the same. Silver star for me because the holiday weekend was a long one. 

After I came home to clean the carpet for the rest of the day. Everyone else has nice, well-behaved cats. Mine are assholes. 

I'll aim for another loss next week....


  1. Staying the same over a holiday weekend is worth major props!

  2. This past Sunday and Monday were made for active rest/no actual workouts :) Slip and slide, hell yes! Wednesday's Insomnia cookie is a reward for that 5:15 wakeup. Good job staying level this week!