August 04, 2016

The 411 - July

As I mentioned last month, I'm going to try real hard to get, have, and keep my blogging shit together this fall. To start out on the right foot it's time to finally get in a linkup that for some reason I always seem to miss.

What's New With You

July was a crazy busy month. I feel like the days came and went faster than I could look at the calendar. Even with the whirlwind, it was a lot of fun.

The beginning of the month found me home with the fam for the holiday weekend. Between the food, the pool, and the Slip n Slide, I had one amazing weekend.

The very next week I started training at the yoga studio. I was a little weary about adding more t my plate, especially when there really was no benefit to me, but that's what karma is all about. I've been working there for 4 weeks (as of today!) and I do enjoy it. Plus, free yoga whenever I want is pretty awesome.

Mid month I went out with friends all week. I did an after work happy hour with a former coworker, Friday lunch with another former coworker, had one of the best blates in a while, celebrated a friend's 32nd birthday, hit the beach... Again, and had Stewart's for the first time.

Back in June I finally used the massage gift card that I got for Christmas. Of course they also roped me into becoming a member. It's not cheap but I'm looking on the bright side - every month I get an hour long massage, or for an extra $10, a facial.

I took Oreo to get updated rabies shots so that I could take him for his "spa" appointment. At the risk of being shamed as a horrible pet owner I'm going to admit that my cats have never once been professionally groomed. I brush them frequently and I clip their nails myself. This summer the shedding has been out of control. Needless to say, Oreo wasn't too thrilled with me.

Since summer isn't summer unless you're at the Jersey Shore, I met up with a friend for a beach day.

Why not finish the month the way it started, right? I spent the entire last week of July down the shore in Seaside with the fam. I've said it before and I'll say it until I'm blue, Little Miss is my most favorite person in the whole Universe.

The best thing about this is that when you give a 4 year old a drink umbrella, she does the only logical thing with it. That's also a picture of my "second kneecap" because the ocean made me its bitch from jump. Also, the Jersey Shore house. Yes, the one from TV. ::insert eye roll emoji here::

All in all, July was excellent! Here's to having an amazing August! What did you do this month?


  1. sounds like a fun july! i love that you're working at the yoga studio and free yoga is always a bonus!

    ps - i finally got 'accepted' into that facebook group (thanks!) and i perused that site for an hour after i woke up. best hour of my life.

  2. Wait, 2nd kneecap? Whaaat? We used to get Luke groomed a few times a year (especially if we were hosting any kind of event), but after the last few times he really seemed to hate going in there so I didn't want to put him through it anymore. And Toast? Nuh uh, no way. So we hose them off if they get especially dirty at the dog park, and I brush Luke every so often, and that's really it. This is a dirty dog house. People can deal with it.

  3. Free yoga sounds awesome!!! This post really makes me want a hot dog after seeing that picture!!! Sounds like you had some great friend meet ups, which are always good for the soul.

  4. July did come and go really quickly. I usually don't say things like that, but I just can't believe it's over already and we're trucking along into August now. Jeez.

    It's funny because I saw you SO MUCH in July that I've already heard about all this, hah! I'm sure Oreo will forgive you... eventually. Maybe.

    I was craving a beach day earlier today, and now after reading this post I'm in desperate need. We were supposed to go Friday-Saturday but the forecast says thunderstorms :(

  5. Were you staying across from the Jersey Shore house?

    My niece is coming down the shore this weekend and I'm SO EXCITED to see her at the beach.

  6. Still jealous of your yoga job! Laying out in the sun by the pool and the beach sounds like a great way to spend your month!

  7. July for you sounded like tons of fun. Beach days are always the best days - especially with this heat !!

  8. lol i am a terrible cat owner too! my cats have never been groomed professionally. i am also bad about taking them to the vet unless something seems wrong - good thing i am such a worrier/overeacter that that happens more often than not lol.
    free yoga whenever you want?! thats amazing!

  9. What a fun weekend! And you're right, the summer isn't complete without a trip to the Jersey Shore! :) I went to Seaside Heights last year for a bachelorette party, it was so fun! I always go to the southern shore points but it was a nice change!

  10. July looks like a really great month! Little Miss is always so adorable.