August 31, 2016

The Purge: A Recap

Way back at the end of June - I say this as if it were a lifetime ago - I decided to give a Pinterest idea a try. 60 Things to Toss Out in the Next 60 Days. Truth be told, I completely forgot about the list after that post went live because I never printed it out. 

As I looked over the list I was reminded that hell yes I needed to complete these tasks. For brevity, I'm only going to discuss the things that were big for me since some didn't apply. 

No. 3| out of date magazines 
This was a HUGE one for me. I had unread magazines dating back to March. Originally I organized them all into piles by month and planned to systematically read/skim through them. The thing is, I did that back in May and still hadn’t made any progress. Mid-July I said fuck it and tossed everything that was before June. That alone made a large dent in the pile. Although I swear, for every one I skim through and toss, a new one comes in the mail. 

I’m still working on the pile so I'll just say that this is in progress.

No. 10, 11, 12| out of date makeup, hair, skincare products
No. 52| product samples
It has come to my attention that I am a hoarder of products (and samples) as I always intend to use them and then never do. I still had unopened makeup from when I was an Ipsy subscriber. I cancelled that membership almost 2 years ago. I did keep the face mask and Biore samples but the rest went in the trash. Grade: Pass

No. 25| actual purses you never use 
I went through bags in the spring but it really just resulted in my organizing them.  I'm too simple for fancy bags. It needs to hold all the things and be functional and most don't cut it. Yet they continue to sit on their shelf...  Grade: Fail 

No. 29| boxes 
I actually took care of this at the beginning of August. I wish I had taken a picture of box mountain because it was ridiculous. I had been hoarding boxes from Stitch Fix, Amazon… pretty much any time I received a package with the idea that if use them for Christmas or moving. Nice try... They were taking up a lot of storage space and realistically I had no use for them. All but 2 boxes are gone and those are because I am condensing Christmas decor. Grade: Pass

No. 36| old school books 
I paid for them so I feel I need to keep them. Some of them are useful for work, but really, they’ve never come off the shelf since I put them there. I just don’t know if I can part with them. There are only 3 left now and they're still practical for my field so I'm keeping them. Grade: Pass

No. 38| candles that have burned out  
I keep candle jars with the year-to-year intent to make my own candles. Can we just come to terms with the fact that I will never do this? It’s a lofty goal but it won’t happen. Three or more jars went to the recycling bin. Grade: Pass

No. 45| promo t-shirts you never wear 
I tell myself I’ll wear them to bed, or to the gym, and then I decide that they’re lame and I want relatively “cute” clothes, so then they just sit at the bottom of the drawer taking up space. Needless to say, I didn't get to this. Grade: Fail

No. 46| jeans that don’t fit just right
I'm still working on this one. It's been so humid I just couldn't bring myself to put on jeans, even with the AC. Grade: Fail

No. 53|  old paperwork 
I’m not sure why I was hanging on to college papers from 2012+ but they serve no purpose now. And if a job wants a “writing sample” it’s clearly not the job for me. Grade: Pass

No. 57| delete bad pics, screenshots, and duplicates 
This one isn’t done because it’s too time consuming. Instead I’ve realized I take less pictures of things. Not because I’m trying to be more present – although I am – but because I know that after that picture finds its way into my phone, it will be lost there forever. Never to be printed, rarely to be looked at. Grade: continuously in progress

No. 58| delete apps you don’t use from your phone 
I like my phone to be simple. It has plenty of apps but they’re ones I actually use. I’m pretty good about this but made a point to do a scan anyway and ended up removing 6 apps. Grade: Pass

No. 59| delete old texts and contacts 
This is one I stay up to date with for the most part. Having lots of old texts slows down your phone so mine is set to delete anything older than 30 days. As far as contacts, it’s a never-ending work in progress. Grade: Pass

Overall, I think I did pretty good. Purging is a constant habit of mine so I know I don't accumulate too much, but it's nice to have a guided list every now and then. I never would have gone through all the makeup and samples otherwise because, you know, I'll use them....


  1. i've pretty much done this entire list when i cleaned out my closet and basement. all that makeup, though!!! i used to hoard samples etc but have since stopped...although it's hard when the samples are free and the packaging is so pretty!

  2. I love a good purging! I've been doing the same thing and going through all kinds of stuff! It feels so good to get rid of the junk! I need to do the linen closet, living room closet and my closet next! Bring on maternity leave and it's game on!

  3. You did well, I think! I need to do another once over on my makeup, hair, and skin stuff. Somehow, that stuff accumulates and I don't even know why because I don't buy it?! My mom gifts me stuff faster than I can use it, I think.

  4. I think you did a pretty great job!

  5. I had to laugh at your pile of Shape Magazines. I used to have a very similar pile but finally gave-up my subscription and threw out the mostly unread magazines. And felt immensely better afterwards. I really need to go through my make-up. Almost all is old and probably not really good. But I'm lazy and cheap. :) I really need to do a clothes purge and reorganize/purge my kitchen too.

  6. Yay, these are so fun!!! I am not into magazines at all. I signed up once for year long subscription to a magazine one of our graphic designers suggested the students read. 3 years later after never opening a single one, I let them go, realizing A) I was never going to and B) It was probably all out of date at that point anyway. That being said, when I was a kid, I LOVED Cricket magazine (it was art and literature for kids) and I totally intend to buy that for my kids.

    We also kept a stockpile of boxes at our last place and I'm glad we did because it made moving so much easier, BUT we used maybe 1/3 of the pile, so it's really hard to tell how many you actually need. Now, being in a house it's sooo nice to not have box mountain anymore.

    For the most part I am caught up with these but I really need to force Ryan to go through the storage room with me. In the 8 months we've lived here, it has just exploded with crap. I can't stand going in there, but there's not much I can do about it on my own since it's all jointly owned or our roommates stuff.

  7. Weird thing happened at my old address. I somehow ended up subscribed to like 10 monthly magazine–good ones too, like InStyle, Glamour, Women's Health, Rolling Stone, etc. and I have NO clue how. I kept stacks of them for a while but never, ever read them and had so many to toss when I finally moved. They didn't follow me to my new address, oddly enough.
    Sometimes I give myself the opportunity to be brutally honest about my makeup and product needs, take a good, hard look at the stuff that's been sitting untouched for months, mentally curse myself and then throw it away. I don't know why but products are SO much harder for me to toss than clothes!
    I think I recently deleted something like 100 contacts from my phone. How I had that many extraneous, I'll never know, especially since of the remaining contacts I actually talk to like 6 people.

  8. you go girl! i am pretty simple with my apps as well, and because my phone is always telling me i'm almost out of storage i stay on top of it haha. i am definitely a hoarder of products and samples too, it's ridiculous. i buy things as well, and they just sit there. and i'm with you on the promo shirts.. i have a lot of free shirts from races and the like and i always say i will wear them but then i don't. i need to do something like this, i had a goal to get rid of 100 things and i didn't do anything lol.

  9. Oy, with the boxes and products samples! I keep boxes around for the same reason. But then if/whne i throw them out, I always seem to need them and can't find any! The struggle is real. Also, I'm noticing that I have some of the same products as you that I got in Target or Walmart boxes, like those nail art things that I will NEVER wear! I need to delete texts in particular, because somehow my storage is consistently "almost full."