August 17, 2016

You Should Know...

It's been a while since I participated in Confessions so here we are.

+ This month to date I have spent $116.59 on stickers. I green-lighted myself for the Jamison Reid Designs September subscription box and after that, it's no more until November (when I buy new inserts for 2017). You guys, they're just so pretty!

+ I've basically been phoning it in on this space for a while. I'm blaming on the "dog days of summer" even though I seriously don't have any idea what that phrase actually means. Really, it's just because I truly don't have anything blogworthy going on right now and I believe in quality over quantity. 

+ I've been slacking on my gym routines. It's not that I haven't been going, although the week after vacay was a rough one, and this one hasn't been going so well either, it's more I have limited time and don't get to do everything I want so I feel like I'm not working as hard. 

+ I went to the Seneca Lake Wine & Food Fest is March 2015. I bought almost an entire case of wine for myself. I went to CreamRidge Winery last October and bought 4 bottles... and here I'm still stocked to capacity. And I bought 2 more this past weekend at th NJ Wine Fest. #notsorry

+ I was thisclose to buying a ticket and booking a room for PlannerCon 2017 in San Fran for March. I was even watching flights on Kayak. Then I did the math, like, on paper, and realized it wasn't practical for right now. Not to mention, so expensive. It would have been a little under $900 for a 2-day event. I spent way less than that for my upcoming vacation.

+ Speaking of upcoming vacation. In T-26 days I will be hopping on a plane to go get a new passport stamp.

+ I went shopping with a friend this past weekend. I got some great pieces and thought I did pretty good. When I added up my receipts that night it was anything but. $600.35 I'm not happy about the number BUT I did get a good variety with replacement sneakers and sandals, clothes for work, a new Longchamp (There was no way I wasn't buying a new Longchamp from the outlet) and a long-sought after trench coat (sticker said $178, I paid $46, all the wins!) so I should be good for the rest of the year.

Perfect for fall! 

So flipping excited.

+ I'm starting a honest to God spending ban/freeze for September. I'm really taking the time to lay out my guidelines and rules and make sure I have all the month;s plans and activities factored in. No "stuff I forgot to budget for"!

That's it for today. Sorry there's nothing exceptionally juicy today!  What are you confessing to?


  1. I want a longchamp! Where is there an outlet???

  2. dont even get me started in stationary/crafting/planner stuff. i told myself i wouldn't buy any planner things until i got my actual planner but that night, i saw a sale at for a laminator, laminator pouches so i ordered those and i also ordered monthly inserts. wtf.

  3. Yay for upcoming vacations & a new passport stamp! I need to do a spending freeze too I just don't know when yet. I need it to be a practical time & once I've figured out about what I'll be making each month.

  4. I kinda really want to do a spending freeze too, but a) my current situation doesn't really let me go spending like crazy anyway, and b) I feel like it wouldn't change any habits but rather encourage a certain bald person to just spend more money on things that we do together and that bugs me, hah. As for your planner stuff, I can't say anything because I've got an absurd amount of money in yoga pants and running gear sitting in my closet, but...damn, I am grateful I never got on the sticker train!

  5. Trench coat! I wanted one for the longest time and finally gave up on it. I think I like the idea of them more than I like how they look on me.

  6. Teach me your planner ways! And I am so jealous of all the wine!! That's so exciting that you are going on a vacation soon! Where are you headed?