September 07, 2016

6 x 6

I'm not sure when or how it happened but yesterday was a BIG deal for this space. 

Six years (and a day). Excuse me while I sit here trying to wrap my mind around that. To put that into a little perspective for you, and this is probably not a good thing, I've been blogging for longer than I've ever worked at one company (the longest was 5 fyi). 

I also find it numerically interesting that I am turning 6... on the 6th of the month... in 2016. I was going to title this post '666' but figured that might freak some people out.  

I have no momentous plans to celebrate the occasion. I'm simply soaking in gratitude. 

* I'm grateful that I have this creative/venting/sharing outlet.
* I'm grateful that so many of you continuously show up to read my words.
* I'm grateful that although I needed to "change clothes" I had no intentions of quitting
* I'm grateful for the experiences and opportunities blogging has given me. 
* I'm grateful for the friends I've made.

I just want to say thank you to all of you. If there's one thing I'm sure of it's that this blog would not have made it this long without all of you. The comments, emails, meet ups, swaps.... it's all been so incredibly awesome and I wouldn't change anything.


  1. blogging has been a fun ride. I've been blogging for over a decade (!!!) and while the urge to shut it down comes over me once in a while, I know I still have a few more years of blogging because I enjoy sharing my thoughts. happy blogaversary!

  2. Happy 6 years to you! That is quite a feat, I think. I'm only at 4. Not longer than I've been at my job haha.

  3. Happy 6 years! Happy we crossed paths!

  4. Happy blogiversary! A Mindful Migration is less than a year old, but my first blog, Eat Laugh Purr, will also turn 6 at the end of the month. It's kind of crazy because it feels like yesterday that I nervously pressed publish. Here's to many more great years!

  5. Happy 6 years to you!!! It's crazy how much the blogging world has changed in the last six years, isn't it? And yet other things are still the same :) My four year anniversary should be coming up next month I think? Longer than my current job....or any job I have stayed at since 2010. HA!

  6. So now I have that Pharrell song stuck in my head hahaha. Hurray for 6! My bog is apparently 7 (had to check lol) but the first year or so I didn't really blog so much as answer survey questions. So happy that we were able to meet through the wonderful world of blogging -cheers to many more years!

  7. I for sure am grateful for both of our blogs for introducing us. Congrats on 6 years—I think I've been reading for just about as long as you've been at this :)