September 23, 2016

Fall To-Do

I think I’m finally starting to get back into the swing of things just in time for fall. 

I kept my summer goals pretty lean because I didn’t want to overdo it. Here’s how they went:

  • Buy a fireproof safefail I’m not sure why I didn’t do this, but I haven’t. I’m going to take a look on Amazon around holiday time and see if I can find a good deal. Otherwise, I’ll just use the Walmart card. 
  • Hit the beach at least 5x pass This was kind of a cheat. I knew I’d be at the beach for a week this summer but I wanted to be sure I went more than just that trip. I did. 

  • Pay off remaining NJ taxfail Again with procrastination. See, this will automatically get paid when I file my 2016 taxes. Knowing that I’ve been lazy about taking care of this. However, if I do, more refund for me… 
  • Get through the magazines - pass I'm giving myself a pass on this because I tossed more than half the pile. As of right now I only have 12 to get through! Seriously progress!
  • Lose 5 lbs - fail I'm pretty sure I've gained weight since I made the post outlining these goals but who knows. I haven't stepped on a scale in months.

Now that fall is officially here (today!) I’m no longer guiltily thinking about all the fall things I plan to do. 

  • Attend NYC Planners meet in November – yup. 
  • Go to the Bloomsburg Fair – This was on my list last year and the weather failed us so we never went. I’m going this weekend. 
  • Halloween parties – I have a few invites this year and I’d like to hit as many as possible, you know, to get my money’s worth from my costume an all.
  • Finish the donut – This is a game we play at the party I go to every year. You have to eat a dry, powdered donut hanging from a string as fast as possible. Last year I had one bite left and someone beat me. 
  • Make something from scratch – Last year I made apple pie from scratch and it was delicious. This year I’m going to try something new. 
  • Seasonal ‘No spend’ – this one kind of worries me but I’m going to really effing try this time. I went overboard on stickers in August, then I was in Mexico and spent way to much in September so that means I need to rein it in. Winter solstice will be here before I know it! 
  • Closet purge – I’m a hoarder of hoodies, coats, and scarves. And we all know I rarely where most of them. I’m going to do a fall/winter closet purge to get ready for the rest of the year. 

Those are my plans for the fall season. I’d say drink cider, eat a candy apple, carve a pumpkin but we all know I do those things every year – it’s tradition!

What are your plans for this fall?


  1. A closet purge is needed year-round. I still need to get to mine. I finally got a Thred Up bag I could pack stuff in. Pies are so fun to make, although I've never made the dough from scratch. Good luck on your goals :)!

  2. I honestly haven't thought much about Fall goals, which I probably ought to do. My overall mood has been somewhat meh these past couple of weeks, which does not help. Your finish the donut goal made me laugh, and I particularly like your traditions, especially drinking cider and eating candied apples!

  3. Good luck with all of your fall goals! That donut game sounds really fun. I have mine written out but I need to actually work on them. I feel so all over the place that my goals get put on the back burner but actually accomplishing them might actually make me feel like less of a space case.

  4. hahaha I love the finish the donut one! I hope you do, get it girl! Good luck on the closet purge, you know that's my favorite on the list. It'll feel awesome to get it cleared out.

  5. Gotta love a good closet purge. I'm pretty sure there's nothing left I can reasonably get rid of, but just typing this sentence makes me want to give it another look. And if you perhaps feel like baking pumpkin muffins or something like that from scratch, feel free to bring some extras for a post-yoga snack ;) What is your Halloween costume, by the way?