September 26, 2016

For the Love of Planning - Style

It's no secret that I'm a planner junkie. I'd say I've turned into one but that's not entirely true. Back in high school we were given agendas for the academic year. That thing was my bible. Needless to say, thanks to Etsy and the planner community, my obsession has been given new life. As there really is a lot to planning I've decided to do a 4-part mini series on all things planning for those of you who are new or if you're just looking for inspiration.

So you want to plan

Awesome! The first thing you'll need to figure out is which size works best for you. Do you want something larger (A5 or A6) or something smaller (personal or pocket)? Some planners, such as the spiral bounds tend to only come in one size. 

Next you'll need to pick your style. There are so many different planner types out there you're sure to find something for you. For me, it started with a spiral bound Do-It-All planner from Orange Circle Studio. I then took the plunge and moved into the Erin Condren Life Planner. Only this summer did I dip (okay, I dove) into the world of ring planners.

Planner Styles

Ring Bound

When most people think of a ring bound planner they automatically think of Filofax. As well they should! This company has been around for almost a century and they continue to make gorgeous, quality planners. 

Another popular ring bound system, and one I personally love, is Kikki-K. There is also the Color Crush line by Webster's Pages and the Recollections line by Michaels.

Spiral Bound

Erin Condren and Plum Paper are probably the two most popular spiral bound planners. They're semi-customizable and offer all the planning space you could ever want or need. 

Although it's not spiral bound and instead is known as a "disc bound" planner, the Happy Planner is king in this category. These planners are 100% customizable from the amount of inserts you put in to the stickers and embellishments that you can add to it.


The Midori Travelers Notebook or Bullet Journal is perfect for those who want a notebook style of planning without having to worry about inserts. This is minimalism at its finest. The Bullet Journal even comes with it's own shorthand so you know just how to make it work for you.


When it comes to your layout it's all a matter of preference. Do you want your week on one page (WO1P) or on two (WO2P)? Do you like to have a day on one page (DO1P)? Do you want your WO1P with a grid? Do you want a horizontal or vertical layout?  One look at Etsy and you'll realize that your possibilities are endless.

I'm a big fan of the WO2P layout as it gives me more room to write and decorate but there are TONS of ways to set up a planner.

The Plannerverse is vast and at times it can be overwhelming as there is so much to choose from. If you want to get started all you need to worry about is deciding what type of planner you want and which layout you like best. Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. you and i are on the same wavelength - i have 2 planner posts scheduled! i love me some planner posts. i love my kikki k planners! damn you for adding me to that facebook page because i still lurk that on the regular and drool over all the destashes! right now i'm using the large A5 mint kikki k and it's a cross between a bullet journal and regular planner.

  2. I love planners! Give me all the planners!

  3. Impeccable timing as per usual! I have just started searching for a new planner and though I've loved my Plum Paper ones for the last two years, I just feel like it's a bit too bulky/heavy for everyday hauling and want something a bit more portable. I also realize I just don't need all that writing space. I'm leaning toward a Poppin 18M planner, but definitely going to look at some of the ones you mention here. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

  4. I used to get those in school too, and our teacher would write on the board exactly what we needed to write in our planners. The love affair probably started there, to be honest!
    Midoris are so pretty and look so fun to personalize, but I'm way to lazy for that.

  5. Yeah, overwhelming is right! I'm always going to think these planners are beautiful and so useful for so many people, but I think I've accepted the fact that I'm a digital planner. The horror. I will still happily open and read planner posts though because I always feel like there are planning techniques to learn and apply to digital, and omg they are just so damn pretty!
    Also, same on the school-issue planners. That started it all for me too.

  6. this is awesome! i wish i had seen this when i first started looking into planners because it really can be so overwhelming. i definitely understand a bit more now, but the options are seriously endless. can't wait for the rest of the posts in this series :) buy all the planner things!

  7. I wish you were a scrapbook junkie! I need this for photo albums. :P Every time I see something about bullet journals, I get intrigued but I know paper doesn't work for me, so I need to ignore it and just focus on actually following through with my system.