September 30, 2016


Happy freaking Friday y'all! This week took it's sweet time passing by but at the same time it kind of flew by. 

We're going to keep it light and sweet today and I'm sharing four things that jumped out at me this week.

1| This Is Us
You guys!!!  This show is utterly amazing. I've only watched the pilot so far but I'm so in love with the concept and characters. If you're not watching this show - start! It hit me in the feels. 

2| Fitness
You know what's ridiculous? When I took these pictures (Stitch Fix try-ons) I felt fat and chose not to keep the pieces.  And yet I look at them now, and although they'd probably fit the same, I can't help but feel that they look fine. Why did I feel fat when I put them on?

All of that to say I made it back to the gym this week. I know I go through this two to three times a year but it always feels so good to get back after a long break. Last night I was so tired. I had zero interest in doing anything other than putting on sweats and hitting the couch. Instead, I immediately changed into my workout clothes and hopped in the car. It felt so amazing to get back on my mat.

3| Blast from the past
So I'm a procrastinator, as we all know. Last weekend I finally pulled out old rolls of film and dropped them off to be developed. Yes, film. I had 5 rolls of loose film and 2 disposable cameras that I've had for a long time but kept pushing to the back of the drawer. I have no idea what's on them, so that should be fun. The one disposable said "Jr. Prom" on it so I can only imagine what those will look like. Of course at the same time I forgot to drop off the underwater camera from vacation. Win some, lose some.

4| Help Wanted: Secretary 
I thought that fall being here would mean that my schedule would calm down and there'd be a lot of couch and wine time. So wrong. Every weekend in October is booked. Every weekend but one in November is booked. When did this happen!?

And on that note, I need to finish making my to-do list for before I go home tonight! 

Happy weekend everyone - October is here!!!


  1. I can't wait to watch This is Us! Probably going to make time for it during a work break today.

    Those StitchFix dresses, all the heart-eyes! The back in that second photo, hello gorgeous. Good for you for getting back to the gym and I'm so glad you stayed motivated and made it to class last night!

    Those photos are going to be a trip to go through, wow.

    And fall.. the problem is, there's just so much good stuff to do and you want to do it all, especially before snow comes and means hibernation. I'm trying to at least tentatively schedule all the things I want to do to get out of the season and then strong-arm anyone into joining me for such festivities and events ;)

  2. Ugh my fall is filling up too :( October was totally open except for my own Halloween party on the 29th. Now I have something tomorrow, next Tuesday, the 15th, 22nd, 27th... Like no. Stop. No more!
    I love those stitch fix pics, you looks fantastic. Request them again and keep them ;)

  3. That dress is really cute! If something doesn't feel right to me, I send it back too, though. I've had the same thing with Stitch Fix outfits, where I look back and they didn't look bad but they didn't feel good on.

  4. That dress was super cute but I'm the same way. If I don't feel cute and/or comfy in it...bye!
    I still need to watch This Is Us. It's on my list of fall shows.

  5. YOU GO! keep going to the gym to feel awesome. I'm so addicted to working out that a week break was too long for me (while on vacay) and i was chomping at the bit to get back at it.

  6. This is Us - my new favorite show! You should've kept that dress it hugged in all the right places.

  7. oh wow, how cool that you have film to develop. those were the days!
    congrats on getting back into the gym. i go through it like 5 times a year as well, and it's good to feel proud when you make it back because that helps you keep going. the stitch fix dresses look amazing on you, but i understand feeling fat or gross when you try things on. maybe you can ask stitch fix to send them again because they really look super flattering on you.
    i haven't watched this is us yet - i missed the first one because i was too lazy to stay up that late, but now i think i will wait until a few more episodes have aired so i can mini binge lol