September 12, 2016

Is It Too Late to Change Professions

I'm not sure when it happened but several years ago I fell in love with cooking.

I suppose it's a natural thing. I'm a big fan of food. Smelling it, looking at it... Eating it. The thing is, I had no idea how much I'd enjoy it. I always say I should have gone to culinary school. 

For now, I teach myself. I save recipes from magazines or play around in the kitchen, mixing things I know I like to create my own dishes. Lately, I've had a little help. 

For a while I've tossed around the idea of trying Blue Apron, Home Fresh, or any one of the food delivery services that have popped up. I finally decided to give Blue Apron a try. 

The way it works is you sign up by filling out the short questionnaire (how many people, vegetarian, etc.), pick your delivery date and then wait for your food to arrive. I opted for the personal box since I was cooking for me. Each week you're given 3 meals and all the ingredients to prepare them. Everything is fresh (no frozen foods) as if you went to the store and bought it yourself, and comes in a refrigerated box. 

In the first box, I was tasked with making Basil Fettuccine with sautéed cherry tomatoes and zucchini. It was very good! 

I also made Corn and Green Bean Empanadas with Cucumber Salad and Creamy Ajo dipping sauce. 

Everything has turned out so well. The dishes are things I never would have thought to make. 

I've made Brown Butter Cod with Corn, Shishito Peppers and Purple Potatoes.

What I enjoy the most is that all of the recipes I've had don't require any special ingredients. Everything can be bought at your local grocer or it's stuff you already buy regularly. To me, there's nothing more annoying than wanting to make something only to find that I need to go to three different stores to buy what I need. 

Lemongrass Chicken Burgers with Hoison Mayo and Roasted Potato Wedges

My only real complaint about Blue Apron is the cost. The personal box delivery is just under $60/month, which breaks down to about $10/meal. Not bad, but I can buy more at the store for $60 and make food for all 7 days. You can skip weeks when you don't want a delivery but then you need to remember to skip. Ultimately, I ended up cancelling as this was simply to test it out but I'd recommend it to anyone who hates grocery shopping but loves to cook and try new dishes. 

Have you ever used one of these services? 


  1. I really thought about trying this last year, but the cost was just something I couldn't justify. Knowing how to cook and having time to cook on busy nights are two different things. I could always just grab a recipe from their site, but I don't know that this would actually save me time.
    The food always looks/sounds so good though!

  2. i've never tried blue apron (not even sure there's something like that in canada?) but i'm no creative cook, that's for sure!

  3. I haven't tried them just because of the cost, but I do really like the concept.

  4. We are on the Blue Apron train and we love it. We skip any weeks that don't look amazing, but we've tried lots of new food and we have learned lots of new techniques. It is a little more expensive, but it's helping us eat healthier and eat in season vegetables, so that has been worth it for us :)

  5. I used Blue Apron, but they didn't have a one-person option when I did so I just did the 2-person and had a lot of leftovers—which was fine with me because my kitchen is too small for cooking too often to be enjoyable. I liked it a lot and ended up with a lot of creative, delicious meals I never would have made on my own! But in the end I cancelled too because it just wasn't a justifiable financial option anymore. I got frustrated too because I ended up having to skip a lot of meals because I kept HAVING to choose a meal that included something (usually mushrooms or pork or beef) that I don't eat, and it just felt like it wasn't for me. It was nice while it lasted though!

  6. I like the idea of a Blue Apron type service, but I've never been sold enough to use it. I think if I was preparing meals just for me (and not including cooking for my husband and father-in-law), I'd use it. But, my husband actually cooks more than I do, so then again, probably not. ha.

  7. I was just talking about this with my husband but my main concern was the cost.
    I just tell myself to stop being lazy and start trying out the gazillion recipes I have pinned on Pinterest. lol

  8. We tried out Blue Apron and it was fun! But it only took 4 weeks before it started feeling a little repetitive. And then they pissed me off by making it so damn difficult to cancel service. They want you to use skip instead, but I don't want to skip for 2 weeks and forget and get the next one - I want to pause until I choose to restart and that wasn't an option. So we won't be using again because it pisses me off when services make you jump through hoops to cancel, but it was fun while it lasted and I learned about middle eastern spice with yogurt sauce, which I have since used on my own.