September 09, 2016

TGIF to Infinity and Beyond

It's been a while since I've done an open letters post. And it's Friday so let's get to it shall we?

Dear summer, I'm ready for you to go. I'd tell you it's not you, it's me, but we both know at this point it would be a lie. What is with the September humidity? You do this to me every year and although I suppose I should expect it, I don't. And I don't like it.

Dear football, I love you. Never leave me. Although I'm sitting out for our fantasy trysts this year, you can believe I'll still be joining you on the pick 'me field.

Dear Little Miss, you are my sun, moon, and stars. And yet you've officially made me feel old. I can't believe we started pre-k this week. I'm so proud of the strong-willed, sassy, independent little human you are. Do me a favor though? Listen and do what you're told.

Dear movie challenge, we're off to a rocky start but I know we can do it. Let's get 'r done!

Dear iPhone 7, who let you out of R&D lookin' like that!  You're looking good. So much that I think I'm gonna have to make you mine. Sorry not sorry I did a background check on you. That 12MP camera with wide zoom is hot. And where did you get that extra battery life? I'll swipe right if you do.

Dear self, I just wanted to write you a little note and tell you I'm proud of you. You're starting to slay this faulting thing. I see you over there with your. Ew life insurance policy. Way to go, boo! Keep doing the damn thing!

Dear Mexico, I'm so excited to call you home for a little while. I know they're saying it's going to rain but I know you wouldn't do that to me on our first meeting.

Dear bank account, I feed you as often as I can but you're still looking a little lean. What can we do to fatten you up? We need to get our fat pants on - the holidays are coming.

Dear exercise (and your BFF the gym), I'm so sorry I've been neglecting you guys. I've been busy and out of sorts. No... I'm not "just saying that". I really have been all over the place. I promise we'll get together this weekend and do something fun.

Dear planner community, you make me the happiest clam in the sea! You always have something new and exciting to look at and make me smile. Part of me wishes I never met you (you're kind of expensive to maintain) and the other part wonders how I lived so long without you. Let's be BFFs for F!

Dear readers, thanks for sticking with me. This space has been operating on a skeleton crew lately and I want you to know I appreciate the continued reads and comments.

And on that note,


  1. Little Miss is getting so grown up!

    I totally agree that this September humidity/heat has got to go. Bring on the cooler temps.

  2. ugh planners! i love and hate them. just kidding, how dare i say that. i love them but you're 100% right - TOO EXPENSIVE TO MAINTAIN (yet i can't help it!)

  3. So with you on summer, of course. Hahah, that iPhone 7 does look pretty good... but I want to upgrade to the SE so badly while David is also lusting after the 7. I'm just like, nah. More for you guys though ;) I'm proud of yourself too, for all the awesomeness that you bring to the world! Glad you were able to keep your promise to exercise this weekend. Hope your vacation is off to an amazing start!